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This has been quite over due and so without further delay here is a little more about me today. ;)

I love blogging but definitely not about everything. Most of the time I like to plan my topics for the week and focus on content and weigh it with my own personal interest. I like going around and checking out other stuff on the net and gathering them here to help shed some light and share my unadulterated opinions. My interests as most of my readers can see is just as diverse as my personality (my friends can definitely attest to that ;)) I take time because I want the best from my site because I want people that drop by our Empty Streets would feel right at home and see that in truth the street isnt so empty after all.

Along the way I love the fact that I have met so many good friends and even though we may be miles apart through this electronic highway we get a chance to meet and make it as if it all seems so near. People like Marzie, LJ, Emila, Jean, B, Crissy, Ask Ms. Recipe, Crash, Kirhat, Bombchell, Kim, Summer, and Bono have constantly been a source of inspiration and ideas. From the fabulous RSS Dollies that Emila makes to the witty commentaries from LJ and GP Marzie and the fantastic recipes of Jean and Ask Ms Recipe, to the Moneytizing Know how of B, and Bono and of course the Savy article write ups of Summer, Kim, Crissy, Crash, Kirhat, and Bombchell there is hardly any dull moment at all.

Just for fun here is more about me and my style of blogging courtesy of Blogthings. But before anything else I have to say thanks to GP Marzie for this enlightenment ;) xoxo

PS. I took the list from Marzie's site and added it here so that I can help in sharing the link love. Once you've taken the test leave a comment on with your result with Marzie and/or leave one with me. ;)

You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.

You're up on the latest news, and you have an interesting spin on things.

Of all the blogging types, you put the most thought and effort into your blog.

Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

1. Faizal is a Life Blogger
2. Mariuca is a Pundit Blogger

3. LadyJava is a Life Blogger
4. Nick is a Life Blogger
5. Roxy is a Life Blogger
6. Monica is a Life Blogger
7. Kim is a Pundit Blogger
8. Emila is a Life Blogger
9. Farah is a Kind & Harmonious Blogger
10. Janice is a Life Blogger

11. Jean is both a Social and Pundit Blogger
12. Bono is a Link Blogger
13. Nessa is a Life Blogger
14. Matthew is a Pundit Blogger
15. ECL is a Life Blogger
16. Tammy is a Life Blogger

17. Imitation Angel is a Life Blogger
18. Rozella is a Life Blogger
19. Trinity is a Life Blogger

20. Tyson is a Pundit Blogger
21. Tina is a Snarky Blogger
22. Faisal is a Pundit Blogger
23. Julehya is a Pundit Blogger
Renée is a Life Blogger
25. Laura is a Link, Snarky and Life Blogger
26. Lainy is a Life Blogger
27. Ruby is a Life Blogger
28. Metz is a Pundit Blogger
29. Emila is a Life Blogger
30. iWalk is a Pundit Blogger
31. Bombchell is a Pundit Blogger
32. Mystery Man is a Link Blogger
33. Bloggista is a Pundit Blogger
34. Summer is a Pundit Blogger
35. Mize
is a Pundit Blogger

The List just keeps getting longer and longer We all want to know and I know you do too :) so do tell what kind of a blogger are you? xoxo

SInce I am a Pundit Blogger I bet Many are curious as to it's straight forward meaning and just like many a good Friend
Kim has found the answer to that:
an expert or opinion-leader who analyzes events in an area of expertise in the popular media

Help end world hunger

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Emila Yusof said...

Aww, am so touched, Metz! Thank you for the mention. I'm glad that we can be friends.

Emila Yusof said...

Sorry, I forgot to let you know that I'm a Life blogger.

Empty Streets said...

Plugging that in now too :)

Kim said...

hey Metz...I'm in good company...you're a pundit blogger too ...
which reminds me ..
I must look up the meaning of that word :)
thanks for the linky love...you're the best :) :)

Empty Streets said...

hehe back at yah kim :) hmm come to think of it I should look it up too :)

iWalk said...

Oh? I am a Pundit Blogger?

That's interesting.

PS: Dear Metz,Please visit my blog when you get the chance. I have an award for you. :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

aww.. metz, you're such a sweetheart! thanks for the mention! :) I'm glad to have found u among the many RSS dollies emila has made. You're such a great friend! :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

oh, thanks for the linkies love! :)) *HUGS*

bonoriau said...

thanks for the linky love one and the only LINK blogger

Bombchell said...

ha ha ha I can't be a pundit blogger, if i had to google the word "pundit" lol

Mariuca said...

Hola Metz! Happy to see u're having fun with the quiz too woot! ;)

I'll add u to my list at Mariuca in a bit, trying to drop some cards before I start my work for the day. :D

bloggista said...

looks like one cool stuff B gotta try this one out. :-)

LadyJava said...

Yeay... thanks for the linky love Metz...

Have a great weekend !!

Mystery Man said...

that was fun! may put this up on my blog!

looks like i'm a link blogger

Empty Streets said...

Hi IWalk, Zipping to your street and it is such a blogging suspense :) and whoa heheh I love it love it love it hehehe thanks iWalk. I'll be preparing some meme's and awards in a few and I have something to tickle yah a bit ;O)

Empty Streets said...

Your welcome Bono and Jean, awww I have to admit I was a fan first before becoming a friend and now being a friend is an honor. I have marzie and lj and Emila to thank for being the bridge for all of us :)

Empty Streets said...

heheh Bombchell, I too got surprised hahaha but I have to admit you do write one of the most entertaining stuff out there :)

Empty Streets said...

Marzie your the cause of this blogging quiz addiction hehehe just helping in spreading the blog fever hehehehe :) xoxo. Your Genie Magic has started a trend and it's spreading across the globe ;)

Empty Streets said...

Mystery Man hehehe I just love that name :) Can i call you MnM??? :) hehehe Link Blogger is a rare thing and you definitely are a rare find :) Glad you enjoyed the fun. ;) i'll have a lot more as I go along check out our sites to see as all of our friends have something fun to try every now and then ;)

Empty Streets said...

Bloggista B, I am almost done with the article for your contest hehehe. Did you get to take the test?? what type of blogger are you?? My guess is a link blogger or a life blogger or maybe even a pundit?? :) hehehe do tell ok? :)

Empty Streets said...

LJ, Marzie, Emila, Jean, Bono, B, iWalk, Bombchell, and many more :) I have a surprise for yah guess soon so stay tuned ;)

Kim said...

dropping by with the meaning of pundit Metz ;)
an expert or opinion-leader who analyzes events in an area of expertise in the popular media
sounds like us !!!
have a great weekend too :)

Empty Streets said...

Nice :) thanks Kim :) I love the input. :) have a great weekend too :)

bloggista said...

Aw, it said I am a Pundit Blogger. LOL. Hahaha - its kidding me. How can that be. :-)

Empty Streets said...

hahaha B, You are one true Pundit Blogger hehe :) your terribly meticulous and it shows hahaha. Btw have you checked out nuffnang Philippines??

Mystery Man said...

sure you can me MnM. Still looks like I'm the only link blogger, though...lol

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mnm,

hehehe you have to look closer :) Bono is a link blogger too :) hehe that makes two :-D hehehe

Summer said...

me a Pundit Blogger??? Hahaha. but thanks for sharing this. :)

Mizé said...

Hi. I´m a Pundit blogger too. A bit too much...lol, but fun. Cheers.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Summer, heheh yah you Pundit and me Pundit hahaha we are all Pundits hahahahaa :-P

Mize, wow i love your site hmmm now that's the reason why your Pundit hehe. Got to admit I got a bit surprised myself :)

Empty Streets said...

Mize that human calendar is hilarious i love it :)

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