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World Creative Youth Forum is not your usual site as this site talks and shares something that is important for all us. The protection of the rights from that of a child to our environment. To further shed light about the forum that they are now currently focused on here is an excerpt for their own site which i strongly encourage for you to visit.
  1. Peace and Human Rights – in depth discussion and skills sharing on effective approaches towards peace and human rights education, as well as assessment of current situations.
  2. Climate Change - promote awareness and instill action towards supporting ways to lessen the effects and causes of climate change.
  3. Sustainable Lifestyle - promote how important is individual action in sustainable development and how our actions affects others and the world.
  4. Entrepreneurship - creating jobs by utilizing one's own capabilities and potential
  5. Education and Technology - integrating Technology in teaching as powerful tool in creating learning bridges
  6. Advocacy for Sustainable Development - building skills and knowledge on how to effectively influence and/or enforce policies to reflect genuine sustainable development."
The event organizing committee is headed by Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD), Inc. and Children of the World 2000 of HRH Prince Frederick Saxe-Lauenberg together with the following organizations:
If you are a company or a Non-Government Organization or a Foundation or Funding Agency and is interested in helping us realize this event you can e-mail the Co-Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the WCYF at phil_lenin@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

With all that being Said I know that you all are caring and intelligent people :) come and join us it literally means the world not just for us but for all our future.

One more thing for all bloggers and of course Entrecard Lovers out there here is a way for you to help them out in promoting their cause and having fun as we are going at it:

WCYF 2009 with the initiative of David D'Angelo, Co-Chairperson of the Executive Committee will be giving away Entrecard Credits and Premium Advertising Spaces to those who will be helping us spread the word about the World Creative Youth Forum (WCYF) 2009 and realize this very important event.
How would you get that 15,000 Entrecard Credit Reward and other prizes? Here's how...

  • Create a poster for WCYF 2009. The poster will be used for media publicity of the event and will also be used in posters, streamers, kits and others. Submit your posters to phil_lenin@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
  1. 5,000 EC for the selected WCYF 2009 winning poster plus inclusion of blogger profile in the kits. The winner will also get a 2 year advertising exposure at and
  2. 2nd - 5th placer will get 500 EC each plus 6 months relevant advertising. Their poster and blog url will also be included in the kits.
  • Join the WCYF 2009 Cyber Earth Caravan. Build buzz and let everyone know about environmental issues and the event. The top selected blog / website will get 10,000 EC Credits and other prizes. FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE .

Sponsors and Donors:

Special note: not yet a member of ENTRECARD SIGN-UP HERE! it will be fun :) see you there :)
This is your chance to be a Hero :) xoxo

Help end world hunger

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Kim said...

sounds like a great cause Metz..
I'll check it out today...
enjoy your day :) :)

Empty Streets said...

aww thanks Kim :) I just love it when people gather together for a good cause it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside :)

David D'Angelo said...

Thanks for the post and support. I hope that more people will join and help us to realize this cause... We are but ordinary people wanting to make a difference...

Salamat talaga!

Kirhat said...

I would have joined this contest, emptz, if not for another contest I am promoting on my site right now. Too many contests may be too much for my readers to handle.

The current contest I am sponsoring seeks the promotion of child-friendly policies in the Philippines. I managed to gather some sponsors and it attracted some interesting blogs already.

Anyway, I will check up on this later.

Seek No More

Empty Streets said...

hi David,

Anything we can do to help you guys out ;)

Empty Streets said...

aww thanks Kirhat I love the info will check it out as well :)

Dave said...

Thanks bro... just help us promote the event and if you have some sponsors which you can refer to us that would be of great help.

Kirhat... why not right an article about the forum as well... you can right a short article about environmental issues and link it to the forum...

Shen said...

Have given you an award...

Empty Streets said...

definitely will Dave ;) like i said it's an honor to help you guys out :)

Empty Streets said...

oohh shen I am so greatful thanks will be zipping through your streets in a bit :)

Dave said...

Thanks a lot... WCYF 2009 received a lot of hits coming from this post... hope the event really becomes successful.

Empty Streets said...

Am so glad that you had a lot of people come over from this site :) it is and always will be a great honor to help you guys out :) hope things go well dave :) keep us posted ok? :)

shriram sharma said...

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Micah Lacsamana said...

Hello, this is the first time I visited your blog and I was blown away. This is really cool... Be ready to hear more from me soon.

P.S I subscribed to your RSS, what a great site...

Empty Streets said...

Hi Shiraram,

thanks so much for the compliment :) please come and visit us as often as you can :) xoxo

Empty Streets said...

Hi Micah,

yayy aww your comment melted my heart. :) am always happy to see people just like you enjoying the site as much as I am writing the articles :) Please do come back for more and holler at me whenever :) You are always welcome here in Empty Streets 1027

Anonymous said...

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