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There are a lot of widgets and applications out there in the market but none can compare to the fun interactive widgets that wont slow your site down and more importantly add spice to your site and make it look pretty.

You probably have noticed it the first time you opened my page. That flash of featured articles and on the side an animated recent article list and a fully animated tag cloud that links up to articles without having the reader leave the page to see what is to see allowing them freedom to choose if that is truly what they want to read or not. And of course my soon to be highly useful suggestion box that allows the readers to suggest an article to write about to help fight that writer's block that creeps up unsuspectingly every so often.

These two application providers are:


Wowzio provides that pretty slide show you see and the sidebar plugins that are dependent on your rss feed. is responsible for the suggestion box.

All these applications are so easy to use and better yet absolutely free. On a personal note as you have read earlier it also doesn't slow your site down in anyway. Which is something I desperately need since my site is over 200k in size just on this page alone so hopefully as I go along and learn how to further streamline Empty Streets for your viewing pleasure be guaranteed that I will be posting it here.

Also Please pay a visit to the links collections that we have here as it is a sure help for those with a particular interest or need. Each of the links have been categorized and we constantly check them daily for quality and if they are of course still exist.

Hope this has been a big help for all of you new site builders and old alike till the next time. xoxoHelp end world hunger

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