David Archuleta is still on the Roll: New Single - Crush

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With the new single released just a couple of months after loosing the American Idol Contest to another David (David Cook), this young prodigy has already begun shaking the airwaves with is new single Crush. It's tune is catchy and vibrant and a definite easy listen. Many now are actually wondering if America voted on the wrong idol but who knows, maybe David Cook has a something just around the corner to surprise us when we least expect it and yet again maybe not but one thing is for sure. All eyes will definitely be looking out for these two Davids and so will Empty Streets. So for all those that voted for David Archuleta I do hope you enjoy this Video of him Singing his heart out. Just imagine it was for you ;) xoxo

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Anonymous said...

This video is well made, fun, age appropriate and let's the whole world get a glimpse of this uber talented, vocally gifted young man. There's depth to David that is lacking in many of the current crop of today's young stars, and I am eagerly awaiting his debut album on 11/11. This young man is the real deal.

Mariuca said...

OMG Metz!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for the code at YT for this song!!! I love this song and was planning to have it on at one of my blogs, but I couldn't find the code! Watch me head over to YT now yeeha!!! :)

Empty Streets said...

Wow Hope Mr anonymous would leave a name next time but i couldnt agree with you more.

Marzie am so happy you liked the video. There is definitely more to come and were trying our best to be first in many of the news that happens as we start to progress :) lots of hugs deary xoxo

Mariuca said...

Metz! I got my David A at MPG now thanks to the code u gave me here he he! Happy Tuesday and I heart David Archuleta! :):):)

Empty Streets said...

your always welcome dear :) will be scouring around the web for finds to add to our streets :) will be making empty streets so busy like the flea markets of singapore. :)

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