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I have gotten the opportunity to get to work and talk to Nicole the Vocalist of a very talented and awe inspiring band known as Crowjane.

Nicole, along with her band, showcases a talent and discipline as an artist that has been filled with trials and of course in their perseverance they have found success in many ways.

Nicole the lead vocalist at first glance would strike many as a very strong willed woman, highly intimidating and yet rather enchanting, which is no doubt as to why she draws attention even before her vocal cords start to hit those that listen in their hearts. Easy and fun loving, intelligent and witty is the best way I can describe her and only if you find the guts to actually say hello and start a conversation should you get to experience what I am saying.

As for Her band and her music here is an excerpt of who they are and what they have been through straight from their own site.

Standing streetside and all out of Jane.. there's the space between skin and the confines of worn down walls, painted names of men long-dead and the blaze of passing headlights, there the space.. This is where the music draws from: space of all that is unspoken, and that which may be spoken too often yet never really heard. Walking backwards through the bloody hours, blear the city with an eye's distance... the resonance of clocks betray the ears. The game of space is how to fill it, with sound, with silence, sex and secrets.. the music then draws from its gameplay with space and sound.. it echoes the streets, redlights neon and chrome, it echoes the need to forget the city and follow the stables that lost their horses.. it echoes the soul of everyman that ever said... fuck it... let's just rakenrol.

"There's a reason i talk, crowjane, don't you hold your head so high, someday baby you know you're gonna die."-crowjane, the blues classic this band was named after


Crowjane was formed in May 2007 where members were handpicked from an assortment of musical and art backgrounds Marc Lopez a former UST conservatory student and guitarist of Kinkyhooters band (guitars) JM Quiblat a freelance photographer (Bass) Shock Lozada budding painter (Guitars) and Wilf Trinidad, website designer (Drums) along with Nicole Asensio, a young author and stage actress who is also formerly the frontwoman of rock band Scylla...

In August 2007 Crowjane released their EP with songs such as Dog Under the Sun and ballad Sewn to Skin and soon after The band won the title of manila representative in the REDHORSE MUZIKLABAN GRAND FINALS, an grand event and great learning experience to be thankful for.

I hope you enjoyed listening and getting to know Crowjane just as much as I have and like any rising star your support by simply spreading the word about them helps them do much more. Till the next gig... xoxo

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Kim said...

looks like a very exciting band Metz..
I'll be back to check out the music with my IE browser :)

bonoriau said...

3 posting ...mantap deh!!! Metz haave you subscribe twitterfeed. If not I suggest you do it so we can see when ever you posting new article...heee

Makoy said...

im actually a libra. last na yung 22 na libra hehe. advance sayo.

bloggista said...

Oh my... I thought all your posts' comments are closed... LOL. I was supposed to make a comment on your Hubspot post, but three times today it wont let me.

:-) Hope all is well - monday na naman. :-)

bloggista said...

oh, btw, I was thinking if we could for a blogger's band. LOL. I'll take the lead guitar or keyboards...

Kim said...

wow Metz!!!
fab music :) :)...and I love the name of the band too :)
have a great Monday :) :)

Monica said...

Nicole Asensio is hot! ;-)

Empty Streets said...

yayyy am so happy that you guys love the band :) they are really striving hard to get recognition for a lot of hard work that they have put over the years. I will also be featuring another local band who's lead singer is also a sexy and suave girl named sunshine so stay tuned :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Bono,

I'll be signing up for tweeter feed before you know it. Just working on establishing the posts for two of my new blogs Metz's Secret Garden and Marketing 411. There have been 3 posts made for each of those sites and will be working on more as foundation articles especially for the latter. :) keep you posted :)

Empty Streets said...

HI Makoy,

thanks for the greet too :) wahh but am going to be 28 this Oct 30. huhuhu :) gearing up for the Big 3-0 :)

Empty Streets said...


awww sorry there must have been a problem with the blogger thingy and by some miraculous reason you got to comment here :) there must be a reason hmmmmm :) but everything seems to be working fine now :) hope you liked the Hubspot video tutorial it taught me quite a lot about the basic principles of website marketing. :) will be posting more stuff about marketing in the new site marketing 411 :) stay tuned :)

Empty Streets said...

Monica, Kim,

thanks so much for the support for the band just your positive comments is inspiration and support in itself :) they have a lot more stuff to dish out will post more as soon as they start singing more originals :) and definitely more of Nicole :)

Mariuca said...

It sounds like a cool band Metz, I'm gonna have to come back and listen to their music. Connection not too good tonight and everything's moving in slow motion on my end! Have a good day tomo! :):):)

iWalk said...

This is the first time I know this band, But I love their music you link here.

But I had met several Philippine bands at Guangzhou, I thought they are very great too!

Emila Yusof said...

wow! she's pretty, metz!

Empty Streets said...

Awww thanks so much for the support and feedback iWalk - hmm I would like to get to know them too :) a one on one interview would definitely be fab :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Emila,

Yup she is and with a talent to match plus that down to earth attitude, she is quite the package :)

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