Marketing Tips: Hubspot's 5 Tips to Make Your Site a Marketing Machine and Much More.

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This Is a video made by Hubspot that talks about the 5 tips on how to turn your website into a marketing Machine.

After going through the video myself I have come to understand the different methodologies and principles that not only apply to website marketing itself but to how people buy stuff in general. This video has simplified the way one looks at the modern marketing industry and shows off how we bloggers have played and can continue to play an important role in the way a business is made and to be more specific marketed.

To help guide you as you start watching the video, here is the summary of the 5 basic steps into making your website a marketing machine:

1. On Page SEO - give search engines the right clues to help them understand what your website is about and what types of people should find your website

2. Off Page SEO - Each link into your site is a “vote” that tells the search engine that your site is important.

3. Blogs - Blogging is a great way to get more traffic from the right audience

4. Convert Visitors to Leads with Forms - you need to capture more of this traffic through lead capture forms

5. Analyze - Marketing is all about measurement and optimizing your activities based on the previous results

Another helpful tool that has helped me out in marketing my website (Empty Streets is now number 2 in organic clicks if one types in "Empty Streets" :) ) is the site called Websitegrader which grades and rates your site based on how effective it is in terms of product and article marketing and it even provides you with a very useful and free analysis of your site. A more detailed analysis of course though would entail a price but with what they can dish out for your site first hand is good enough to start with.

I have also been asked by some readers and fellow bloggers what site would best provide for the constant monitoring and analysis of traffic and site performance without having to shell out serious cash and my answer to them is - Statcounter - a site that tracks traffic activity and much more. What I love about this site is that it contains so many reports that you can use to analyze your site's performance from traffic to what Browser your readers are using. It also allows one to download an excel sheet format of the results which is handy for those that get serious about tracking site performance on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly basis. All this is provided for by Statcounter for free and installation is as easy as putting a widget on your site.

With all this being mentioned I do hope it has been helpful... Till the next time - xoxo
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