Pizza: My Food for Depression

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I love Pizza and there is no doubt about it. I love it because of three main reasons:
1. It is a complete meal as it contains all the goodies you can think off.
2. It is so easy to make: simply get a ready made dough from the grocery, your favorite tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, your favorite toppings and extra cheese to your liking plus hot sauce if you desire and of course bake in oven at 250 degrees to 350 until cooked to perfection usually about 10 to 30 minutes depending on the thickness and ingredients used (the thinner the shorter the cooking time the thicker the longer - ingredients the fresher the longer the more pre cooked the shorter.)
3. And of course the happy feeling I get with the satisfaction of eating it all by myself especially when one is feeling so down and depressed and it is simply raining cats and dogs outside.

If you have a favorite way to enjoy your pizza tell us your story we'll add it on here as an add on feature story. We all have our pizza moment. And on that note am craving to make some more. mmmmmmm! enjoy everyone :)

PS. I found this site that is giving out gift certificates from CPK and all you have to do is talk about how pizza is your comfort food :)
You can check it out by following this link to check it out -

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Emila Yusof said...

yummy! i love pizza too!

Empty Streets said...

wow your a quick commenter hehehe :) What is your favorite type of pizza? We'd love to hear your pizza story too. :)

Monica said...

oh I love pizza too! :-D My fave type of pizza is stuffed with wonderful cheese!!!

Nick Phillips said...

Pizza, mmmmmm, I haven't had one in ages! This reminds me to go out and get one soon ... LOL!

bonoriau said...

Metz I love pizza too..sometimes I DO IT myself so I can add whatever I like....yumm yumm..extra cheese extra sauce

Empty Streets said...

Hi Peeps,

hehehe am so happy to know that a lot of you love it too. We should all have a pizza party someday and one where we present and bake pizza the way we like it hehe. xoxo

bloggista said...

Ohhh, Pizza and Beer!!! Heaven food for Bloggista :-)


Pizza is one of my favorite indulgences and great fun to make. Your picture is making me hungry!

LadyJava said...

I love Pizza too Metz.. especially with lots of cheese!!

Mariuca said...

Oh my! I love pizza too Metz and this one looks divine! I'll have a slice please! :):):)

Gem said...

I'm depressed too! Now I want pizza just like you. I like having that with hot sauce!

Empty Streets said...

Hi guys Am so glad that we all share a common food taste :) hehehe Will be posting one special recipe for you guys to try and am cross linking your answers and comments there for all the world to see that we ALL LOVE PIZZA heheeh :)

Mizé said...

We love Pizza too!
Yours looks yummie. I like it with sweet peppers and mushrooms like the pic, but my daughter hates those two ingredients. I always have to make/order two different pizzas so everyone is happy.

bloggista said...

any kind of pizza + beer = makes my day :-)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

am so glad that you like the pizza hehe isnt it delish. But I still have a lot more to come so stay tuned :)

Hi B,

beer and pizza is definitely a match especially if it's pizza with garlic and anchovies mmmmm m:)

Mariuca said...

Metz, you made it to my Top 10 Mariucans list for MPG yeeha! :):):)

iWalk said...

Oh, I love pizza too, But I never made it myself, Maybe I should try it. Because the pizza you made looks so cute!:)

When some frinds will leave us for some time, we will enjoy pizza together as a small party. Maybe all the pizza restaurant was fit for klatch of old friends. :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Marzie,

yayyyyyyyy finally am on the list hehehe will be working hard to stay on the top ten :) xoxo

Hi iWalk,

awww am so glad that you loved this pizza :) I'll be posting a pizza recipe by today along with more articles for the week hope you'll like it. As for the comment i left about your site it was meant from the heart :) I love the way you bring us along your travels. Engaging is the best term for what you do.

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