2009 Porche 911

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As we start on with our streamlining of articles you will soon see here on Empty Streets that as our Monday's are for music our Tuesdays will be for technology and just to get things started we decided to come out with a big bang and feature one of the most luxurious items one would dream of possessing here on this planet - The New Porche 911

This was unvieled a few months ago in Europe and is now available here in Asia. It stems from the original Porche 911 design made approximately 35 - 45 years ago and in today's reimage has given the front a new outstanding streamlined look - not that the old one wasnt good enough already.

Here are some of its highlights:


The Porche 911 2009 edition now sports their latest generation engine with Direct Fuel Injection which gives it significantly more power of approximately 345 HP produced by it's 3.6 litre boxer enjing or in another model 385hp for a 3.8 litre boxer type engine. Because of the DFI it has allowed the Porche 911 to consume a lot less fuel and better emission values. It's VarioCam Plus technology even gives it's engine a lighter weight thus reducing friction. In terms of CO2 emissions compared to the original Porche 911 has been reduced by a whooping 15%. Fuel injection is monitored and regulated by a built in Electronic Management system that also monitors the cleaning system and ensuring that it all stays within the limits of the EU5 emission standards - which is a good thing for our environment.


Every part of the Porche 911's external chasis has its part to play enabling it to have a very low drag coefficient of .29

The air intake on the new Porche 911 has been enlarged to provide more cooling power and provide an even more dynamic physical appeal.

In terms of driving - dynamics and traction are what the all wheel drive variant has to offer. And it is easily recognizable through their wider body of at least 44 mm at the rear wings

With the wider rear also entails wider rear tyres and beautiful titanium colored grills and slats plus new seamless taillight strip.


The Front and centre console has been redesigned and is now finished predominantly in black. It also now features Porche's new Communication Management system (PCM) which is now a standard, a climate control panel and a switch panel along with storage compartments.

The seating provides excellent lateral support and an optimized under seat suspension providing a feeling of security without restriction. It is also equiped with the standard manual height and fore/aft adjustment and electric backrest adjustment, which enables every driver to get the right driving seat fit.

Ventilation has this slipstream effect from the centre and backrest with passive aeration at the side bolsters causing a quick evaporation of perspiration and moisture thus a more comfortable seating environtment.

With all that being mentioned about the Porche 911, one can clearly see even at first glance why this would be a car one would dream of having and only a chosen few are actually able to get them. But who said that dreams cant come true? So to help you dream some more here is a video of the Porche 911 in action as it is reviewed by wwwcarmedytv

This is just the beginning :) stay tuned for more of Tech Tuesdays from Empty Streets :) till then xoxo
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Chronic Chick Talk said...

Hello there,

Those cars are really cool looking, I can only imagine how much it would cost to maintain them. Cost 2 arms and 2 legs :)

Have a good day
Chronic Chick Talk

Empty Streets said...

Hi Chronic Chick Talk,

You are absolutely right :) the price on these babies are wickedly high but that is the price one has to pay for luxury. :) I think it would take a lifetime of saving to get them and even then I may just invest in something else hehehe.

Monica said...

oh well...I've been dreaming of driving these sexy babies..LOL! :-D

Empty Streets said...

Hi Monica,

I know that is why i featured them here for all to see and hopefully our dreams will come true hehehe :)

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