Empty Streets Special: What have I been upto these Past Couple of Days :)

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I have been asked this several times and a lot of people really wanted to know what I do after I am done teaching a class from 9-6pm Monday to Friday. Well aside from blogging almost full time now (I have to keep my visitors happy as Empty Streets has a daily traffic of over 200++ visits a day now) I also help out with events, most especially wedding events under Chinkie Uy - Agregado and just yesterday Sat: Nov. 22, 2008 we have yet again helped out a couple from the stress of having to worry about their wedding arrangements and such. Under Chinkie we coordinate everything from the arrangements to where and when people should go to the church and reception and ensuring that any program needed is fulfilled down to the letter.

I really get a kick out of doing more than the ordinary even though at times it may not pay well but at least the feeling of fulfillment is there. The smiles on people's faces and the satisfaction being able to make a difference in someone else's life is a plus in itself. Many things happened that day from the church all the way to the program that followed but overall it was a blast. I had fun with the Parakeets, a gorgeous carriage, the ruined effects from the place, the sparkling lights and much more. The Reception and the church was in Alabang at Fernbrook while the couple and the invited guests will be staying at Bellevue Hotel in Alabang as well.

All of these Pictures of which I hope you have enjoyed were taken from my latest phone the Nokia 3120 classic A definite must have in times when you are on the rush and you cant seem to find your digital camera anywhere. :)

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LadyJava said...

Keeping busy is always great Metz!!!

Great pictures.. and yes what will we do without our camera phones??!! hehhe

Have a great week ahead Metz!!

Empty Streets said...

wow you are the quickest on the keyboard LJ :) hehehe and you said it perfectly - in today's modern era there is nothing more pleasurable than being able to have the convenience of technology merged into one tiny little toy for all mankind. :) hehehe. Have a great week ahead too LJ :)

Mariuca said...

Wah so handsome la Metz in this pic he he...don blush now! ;)

Mariuca said...

Congrats on ur daily 200 visitors Metz, looks like you're gonna be even more busy now eh? Well u do love the stress dont'cha, so have fun! :):):)

Empty Streets said...

Wahh too late Marzie I already blushed hehehe. Busy busy like a bee... but am glad that this kind of busy isnt stressful. How can it be when it is just a lot of fun getting to share what goes on in my head and in my world to everyone is my therapy ehehe :)

Kirhat said...

I didn't know that the pics from Nokia 3120 can be that clear. The angles of the chosen shots are also well-thought of.



Seek No More

Empty Streets said...

Hi Kirhat,

:) you made my day I really worked hard to get a lot of the angles and I wanted to bring the spirit of christmas out even though it's still a couple of weeks still. :) xoxo

Monica said...

wow Metz! so handsome..;-)

Empty Streets said...

heheh awww Monica your making me blush hehehe :) xoxo

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