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Hi Guys - it has been a very long weekend and it still isn't over as there are many things yet to come such as new songs, tech stuff, wellness and workouts advice, Travel, Food and sports issues to come up daily. But for today let me share with you what I have been doing outside of blogging since the weekend started:

Yesterday we went to a place called Bonifacio High Street in Taguig cause I wanted to buy a good pair of Mizuno running shoes and to our surprise we also found a lot more. We were amazed to see that there was an ongoing Lego Building Blocks Competition and the things these people created was outstanding. They literally made a mini city out of Lego Blocks and it is now in display in High Street. I felt like a kid again as we examined the display reminiscing the days when I used to build my own little towns with Lego Blocks. So far though the Competition is still ongoing and many more are adding to the mini wonderland.

Here are the shots of our Serendra visit

Today I got something special in the mail - a set of Php100 gift certificates for California Pizza Kitchen totaling to 500 pesos worth from a contest I won from a cool Pizza contest held by Pinoy Cravings though it should have been about a 1000 pesos worth cause I won first prize Melo, the Master Mind of the Most Delectable site I have seen so far, has promised to deliver the rest and was just caught in a little mishap when delivering the certificates using LBC. With all that put aside Me and habibi paid a visit to other places as well and found ourselves going to UP Diliman's campus cause we wanted to make our afternoon round in terms of running for my Habi and In-line Skating for me, unfortunately it rained and so we ended up in Pancake House and ate a couple of sandwiches because we completely forgot we had the certificates for CPK. Realizing that the rain wouldn't let up we finally remembered that we had to use the Certificates and so we ended up in Glorietta which is one of the Major Ayala Malls in the country. Finally we decided to hit another mall, after a scrumptious dinner thanks to Melo of PinoyCravings( I can't wait for the other half of the prize hehehe), to purchase some DVDs of movies that we had missed in the past couple of months before finally heading home.

I also just realized I have a lot more to do tomorrow as I have people to call for job interviews for the company that I work for Excel Asia Services - If you are interested to work for a call center most especially if you want to get in as an agent and English is an area of which you need a little help with we will be more than happy to help you out and who knows I might just be your trainer ;) Aside from call center agents we have several other opening and you can simply click here to to apply: Excel Asia Jobs. So if ever you do drop by over here dont forget to say hi :)

Things to Expect on Empty Streets for this week:
Music Mondays, Tech Tuesdays, Wednesday Wellness or Workout (so far it has been mostly workout hehehe), Travel Thursdays, Food Fridays, Sports Saturday, and Sunday Specials. Of course though there will be some special stories on top of the main topics just to spice things up cause here on Empty Streets, you'll find that we'll keep you company and make you feel that the streets arent really empty... :) till the next article xoxo

If you want to share what you have been upto this past weekend feel free to send us a note and the link to your article and we'll plug you in with a link up. Which is also what we'll be doing for the rest of the days starting this Monday. 24 More days to Christmas, best to grab your gifts before the rush begins ;)

Friends that have dropped by and said that they too have had a busy schedule:
Marzie - Mariuca
Lady Java - Lady Java's Lounge
Monica - Turn U Off
Have you been very busy too? well keep me posted and I'll link yah up to show our readers your story to tell :)
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Mariuca said...

Hi Metz, guess who's here at ES?? MPG yay! :):):)

Mariuca said...

I had a hectic weekend too, good to know I was not alone he he! Have a good week ahead! :):):)

Empty Streets said...

:) Hey Marzie :) heheh wow I can see that too. :) its the holidays and being busy is what we all do best hehehe :)

bloggista said...

I wonder who invented work so I could blame him for all this misery! Hehehe, Work is hindrance to blogging.

WOrk's keeping me busy lately. Looking forward to new year with better opportunities and less work so I can make my regular blogging and hopping.


Michael Wong 38 said...

Hi there, a while ago we had talked about exchanging blogroll links.

I was supposed to get back to you after I linked to your blog so you could link back.

I linked to your blog already. When you have some time, please link back ok?

cheers, michael wong at:


Empty Streets said...

Hi Micheal Wong :) wow definitely will :) check it out after today as I am going to add you to the blogs we love to read ;) I love it when you come by a lot too and we'll definitely do the same :)

Empty Streets said...

heheh I couldn't agree with you more B :) I love blogging and if I can find my niche I will definitely retire and write to my heart's content :) hehehehe :) yes I will ;)

Monica said...

Hi Metz, I also have a busy schedule; spend a few days days resting properly & catch up on sleep :-D

Empty Streets said...

You have to share your beauty secrets Monica cause your still great looking even though you have a busy week hehehe :) stress has been an issue for me. hehehhe :) too much coffee I think :)

Monica said...

awww...you're so sweet Metz! ;-) I wish I had beauty secrets so that I can share with you..LOL!

I must sleep 8 hours a day.
I must drink a lot of water. oh yes, I'm addicted to coffee as well :-D
The best way to handle an stressful life is to get some time to breathe ;-)

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