Food Fridays on Empty Streets: Home Cooked Tuna Vegetable Stir Fry and a Sweet Nestle Fruit cocktail Dessert

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This was all the ingredients needed to make that amazingly delish stir fry:
Pounded Garlic
Chopped Cabbages and Thinly Sliced Tuna Ham - pre-cooked (yes they make ham out of tuna now and it is divine not to mention healthy with omega 3)
Chopped Button Mushrooms, Pounded Ginger, String Beans, Shredded Carrots and Chinese Cabbage Leaves
All the Ingredients segregated and ready to be stir fried in a boiling hot soya oil concoction and all that is left to do now is to mix it all once the oil starts to react violently to a drop of water :) and simply saute starting with the garlic, ginger, tuna, beans, carrots, cabbages and mushrooms. Add a half a cup of water pre-mixed with soy sauce and vinegar with a sprinkle of pepper to taste and my secret - a tablespoon of sugar(fruit sugar) - and in about 5 - 7 minutes your done :)
As for the Dessert:
Grab one Can of Del Monte Fruit Mix or a can of your favorite fruits 1/2 kilo drained
One Tetra Pack of condensed milk (you only need half it's content approximately about 75 grams)
One Tetra Pack of Cream (you only need half of a regular 163 gram pack)
Mix it all together in a bowl and presto. :) a delightful dish to enjoy :)

I know this is just a quick like 10 minute am done cooking type of meal but when your hungry you wouldn't really want to take longer than one should. :)

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Monica said... I feel hungry & I'd love to have a taste! :-D

anyway, enjoy your weekend Metz!

Mizé said...

Lovely recipe, I love stir fry, specially with prawns.
After all you cook! lol.
I also didn´t know they make tuna ham, always learning new stuff!
A good Saturday. Cheers!

Empty Streets said...

Hi Monica and Mize,

awww am so glad you guys loved this dish hehehe :) it was one of those nights when one finds anything in the kitchen and makes do with what's there :) hehehe

Makoy said...

penge :) kaso iwas ako s sweets, bgktonsilitis ako.

bloggista said...

Love the tuna - I like to cook it the way you do it Metz. With lots extra spicy Chili. Hmmm, now makes me want to grab some beer.

Empty Streets said...

hehe am so glad you guys like the cooking eheheh and B, Mark, Mize, Monica, you guys are always welcome to have some hehehe. :)

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