Music Monday on Empty Streets: Prepare to be Amazed - Charice Pempengco

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I have written about her in the past and I am writing about her again Charice Pempengco will blow your mind away and give you the goose bumps as this young PRODIGY from the Philippines sings her lungs out for the world now under the care of that amazing Music Man David Foster (he was the man behind the songs and success of Celine Dione and many more). She is only 16 and what made her amazing even more so is the fact that she can belt it out perfectly on the first go. She even sings it better than the original sometimes or just as good. Just like millions of budding fans, I am now also an avid supporter. So here is here version of I will Survive

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LadyJava said...

Oh I heard her sing several times.. on Oprah, on Ellen and another show I can't remember.. She's an excellent singer and I agree goosebumps!!

Empty Streets said...

heheh and she still gives me the shivers everytime :) glad you like her a lot too LJ cant wait for more from her :)

Mariuca said...

Hi Metz, I just saw Charice singing I will survive on another blog he he! EXCELLENT, loved her performance in the video, she is really the coolest! :):):)

ichigo said...

Sweet petite girl with a powerful voice! Wow, I'm amazed..I googled her and even watched her life documentary!! She's totally fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing!

intrepidideas said...

Great vocals. We'll be seeing more of her.

Mizé said...

I enjoy this music, even after all this years.
I agree, she´s got a great voice. If I didn´t see the video I would think it was a Diva singing, she´ll probably get there too.
She´s got not only a great voice but a lot of presence. Dancing brekdance, lol.

phatelara said...

Oh wow! She's awesome! I love her voice! Thanks for sharing this. :)

Empty Streets said...

Yayyy all your comments about her is making us from the Philippines prouder for her. She is one of many international firsts for us and Helping her by introducing her talent to the world is what we enjoy doing the most. :) Love yah guys :)

Mariuca said...

Hola Metz! You’ve been invited to my Award Gala! Congrats! :)

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

Great Music Monday choice...she looks even younger than 16 in the picture, but what a voice!

It's also great to hear that classic I Will Survive!


Empty Streets said...

Hi marzie,

Loved the awards - it made my heart melt. Hugs MPG

Empty Streets said...

HI Roxy,

aww am so happy that you liked her. She truly makes us Filipinos proud hehehe :) xoxo

Empty Streets said...

HI Roxy,

aww am so happy that you liked her. She truly makes us Filipinos proud hehehe :) xoxo

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