Optimizing the Position of your Adsense Advertisement

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Many have had trouble figuring out where to best place their adsense ads to get the most hits and thus the most results. On a personal level I have found that embedding the ads within the post particularly that end of every post and on top of the fold have in more ways given me the kaching I've been looking for in terms of hit rates. And for additional options for optimizations here is a video tutorial to help you figure it out.

Particularly it is always best to place something where most traffic heat is located and so in the long run try and and understand your viewers as they hit your site and what are the things that attract them the most and once you figure that out you'll know where to put the ads. Think about it this way too, where do people look when they are driving down a busy highway - it's the same for blogs - how something is packaged is also yet another thing but that would be all together a completely new topic so till the next post. ;) xoxo

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