Sports Saturdays on Empty Streets: Manny Pacquiao VS Dela Hoya

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The Fight of the year and probably the century is about to take place and this has been widely talked about in every corner of the globe for obvious reasons. Manny "PACMAN" is smaller and younger than Dela Hoya who is on the other hand older and has more experience under his belt. Aside from that there is a huge weight difference and reach issue where in PACMAN is obviously shorter. I believe that this is going to be a showdown between skill and strategy between the two players and each one has to play their cards well. PACMAN Has to learn to use his speed and agility to gain an upper hand while Dela Hoya has to use his reach and experience to outwit and out play Manny Pacquiao. A lot is truly at stake here and many have coined the Pacquiao and Dela Hoya match to be almost like a David and Goliath match. Who will be the victor is anyone's guess and many have placed their bets on the PACMAN according to blog surveys across the blogosphere. One thing is for sure - Only one will be the winner :)

Who do you think will be the winner and why do you think he would win?

1. Trench votes for the Pacman
2. Bloggista - Pacman

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trench said...

wrote a post on this way back in August. I have to go with the Pacman. Big fan and have to go with the underdog.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Trench,

Gor your vote and tagged your article on Pacman :) glad to see yah here :)

bloggista said...

Been too busy lately I only wrote a couple of articles on this - one in and one in

Maybe it's time to write another one. Hehe. But hopefully, even though the odds are against Pacman, as a Filipino, I wish him goodluck.

Empty Streets said...

Hi B,

wow i guess for a lot of reasons the world's favorite is definitely showing to be the pacman :) heheh :)

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