Sports Saturdays on Empty Streets: Figure Skating

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Many have called these people twirlies for obvious reasons, but one has to admit that once you get to see these people perform on Ice enchanted is all one can feel at every movement and every jump causes you to go to the edge of your chair until you finally realized you've held your breath. To help you realize what I mean I have a video of the this year's world figure skating champion Mao Asada and her other Japanese counterpart who is just as amazing Yukari Nakano. Believe me when I say these two will leave you breathless.

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Kim said...

beautiful Metz!!
Ice skating is such a graceful art :))
have a happy Sunday :)

Empty Streets said...

I couldnt agree with you more Kim, this sport definitely shows a lot of grace and the skill required to do this is just as amazing.

bloggista said...

I am a frustrated figure skater. Hehehe. I like the idea of tossing a young, pretty sexy girl in the air and catch her with grace. Hehe.

Empty Streets said...

hehehe B you always make me laugh I love it :) heheh I can see it now B on the headlines you doing a triple axle spin combo in spandex :) hehehe :) happy weekend B :)

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