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Many have been complaining about a lot of things about the use of Microsoft's Operating systems and many within Microsoft have been working non stop to fix and resolve all these issues and now they have come up and developed a new system that runs on a cloud system infrastructure called Mircrosoft AZURE.

Now many have asked and wondered what AZURE is and to help you out here is what Microsoft has to say about AZURE:
Azure™ Services Platform (Azure) is an internet-scale cloud services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers, which provides an operating system and a set of developer services that can be used individually or together. Azure’s flexible and interoperable platform can be used to build new applications to run from the cloud or enhance existing applications with cloud-based capabilities. Its open architecture gives developers the choice to build web applications, applications running on connected devices, PCs, servers, or hybrid solutions offering the best of online and on-premises.

Azure reduces the need for up-front technology purchases, and it enables developers to quickly and easily create applications running in the cloud by using their existing skills with the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment and the Microsoft .NET Framework. In addition to managed code languages supported by .NET, Azure will support more programming languages and development environments in the near future. Azure simplifies maintaining and operating applications by providing on-demand compute and storage to host, scale, and manage web and connected applications. Infrastructure management is automated with a platform that is designed for high availability and dynamic scaling to match usage needs with the option of a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Azure provides an open, standards-based and interoperable environment with support for multiple internet protocols, including HTTP, REST, SOAP, and XML.

Microsoft also offers cloud applications ready for consumption by customers such as Windows Live™, Microsoft Dynamics™, and other Microsoft Online Services for business such as Microsoft Exchange Online and SharePoint® Online. The Azure Services Platform lets developers provide their own unique customer offerings by offering the foundational components of compute, storage, and building block services to author and compose applications in the cloud.

Now not much detail has been given about what this has to offer for the regular consumers but one has to imagine the possibilities of having everything on Microsoft's own servers and no longer on just on your own PC. Risky too for the skeptics but we can never tell what is about to happen after it is fully launched. For now here are some more videos to help you as a consumer get the full general idea as to what AZURE is all about and how this is going to be for people that will use it's services in the future.

With all that seen and said how the general public will receive this new type of technology is still anyone's guess. And many are asking too what does Mac have to say about all this. :)

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Mariuca said...

Happy Tuesday Metz, am here with MPG now. :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi marzie :) happy tuesday to you too :) hehehe :)

Empty Streets said...

what's on the Genie Princess' schedule this week? Been pretty busy myself this holiday season - crazy with so many social obligations and shopping whew :)

Mariuca said...

Wah shopping should be fun though eh? I am busy with some new work projects and today is MPG's birthday too, so been busy preparing for that as well he he! ;)

Empty Streets said...

awwww wow happy bday again for the other site :) heheh I can't wait to see what you have behind the sheets for MPG :) will definitely be there once you unveil the results heheheh :)

Empty Streets said...

how you are able to shuffle your schedule and the blogs is amazing Marzie I myself am trying to do the same, managing time here with my major sites and my regular day job. hehehe Guess that is why blogging is called a hobby :) you should share your time management secrets :)

XanFactor said...

hi... thank you for dropping by my blog... thank you for the comment... i was almost ashamed with my blog looking at your blog... but then, as i said in my first post, i am not claiming any expertise on the subject, i just happen to know a thing or two about computers... and on this note, i do hope you regularly visit my blog and try to correct my mistakes, just encase or offer other suggestions on how to fix a certain issue...

btw, i did follow your advise about having the comment box pop up rather than leaving the page... thanks...


Empty Streets said...

Your more than welcome Xanfactor :) will definitely be coming back for more :)

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