Technology Tuesdays on Empty Streets: Flash back to Nokia 5110

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I wanted to pay tribute today to an old buddy of mine since high school and am sure many can attest that they have had this in their lives and really adored using them since they were the epitome of style and functionality - you know what am talking about - The Nokia 5110. Renowned for it's ability to text easily, changeable cover feature and of course the ever popular game snake. This phone has definitely gone beyond a fad, this handy phone was the start of a revolution and became the foundation of what phones are now today. So just to help you relive and pay respect to our old friend that had undoubtedly instilled the desire for more here is an old advertisement that am sure you'll enjoy :)

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Pastilan said...

Cheers to Nokia 5110.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Pastilan,

hehe Yup Cheers to the 5110 :)

Dollar Dude said...

I love the design of Nokia-5110. Thanks for sharing!!!

Empty Streets said...

Hi Dollar Dude :) am so glad you liked this post :) I hope you like the other stuff too and it keeps yah coming back for more. You will always be welcome here in our streets :)

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