Thursday Travels on Empty Streets: Baguio City - Summer Capital of the Philippines

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Baguio - the summer capital of the Philippines is well known for it's pristine sites and sounds, arts and crafts and of course for it ultra cool atmosphere all year around. Located high above sea level and is only reachable by bus or plane for most tourists has lived up to it's name with temperature reaching as low as 10degrees Celsius. Cold enough to make you want to cuddle up to a nice warm bed but cool enough to make it feel snug :) With so many tourist spots to see one can succumb to magical temptation of everything that is found there. Letting all your inhibitions go and just taking a bit of risk and getting a good sense of adventure is always a good thing to have and easy to gain once you step foot in this chilly wonderland. Baguio should definitely be a part of your destination once you pay a visit to the Philippines and like I've mentioned before it is a place you'll love to come back to and visit over and over again. A taste of the sweet succulent strawberries picked fresh and the alpine fresh scent of the pine trees and flowers is powerful enough to get any traveler hooked. Also do try and schedule your visit during the Flower Festival Month where Gondolas of freshly picked flowers fill not only your sense of smell but your sense of sight as it tickles your mind -Baguio "Summer Capital of the Philippines"

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Mariuca said...

Hey Metz, here's wishing u a great weekend! Am here with MPG first, be back later with Mariuca! :):):)

Gem said...

Thanks for promoting Baguio!

I'm writing this comment from that place.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Marzie,

You are always welcome here dear :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Gem,

You are most welcome :) Wait till you see a special on Baguio as we are visiting the area this Dec :)

Makoy said...

ganda ng kuha

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mark,

aawwww am so glad you liked the shot, wait till you get to see my feature story as me and my baby visit the place this DEC. Winter special :)

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