Travel Thursdays on Empty Streets: Subic Special

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Subic is a place known for a lot of things. If your looking for a place to have a family adventure, a great diving spot, a quick getaway and a cool place to go shopping then this is definitely a place for you and your loved ones to visit. So many hotels to choose from especially from the former American Naval Bases to the local transient homes are available. Diving spots are found in every beach front and resorts too. Ocean Adventure and Zoobic are the best places to visit here in Subic as they showcase a huge collection of wild animals both in the sea and land. Most of all the people here are so welcoming and always carries a warm welcoming smile for any tourist or traveler that comes their way. So do find time and pay this place a visit, it is definitely a place you'll remember.

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bloggista said...

Going to Subic now is a breeze. The new highway makes the travel fun and easy. I remembered one time I got a client there way way back. That was the time the NLEX was constructed, so I drove like 3-4 hours one way and I went there everyday. :-)

Mariuca said...

Oh I see the crocs Metz YIKES! :)

You've been tagged over at Mariuca, have fun! :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi B,

Yup it is definitely a breeze to get there now :) I love the place and the food heheeh :)

Empty Streets said...

HI Marzie,

oh wow heheh Definitely will have it up and feature it in our Empty Streets Special Sunday including Name the bear. I'll catch up on this back log of memes and tags as soon as I can :) xoxo

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