Travel Thursdays on Empty Streets: Featuring the Philippines

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I have been featuring different tourist spots in the Philippines and I realized that I havent really given our country a formal introduction. So to get things rolling:

The Beautiful Islands of the Philippines is comprised of more or less about 7,107 (depending if it is low tide or high tide) and all that means is that we have a 1000 different reasons for you to visit and much more. We are a people that is culturally welcoming to all that come and pay us a visit most especially since we as a society have become a melting pot of both Western and Eastern Ideologies. The language is called Filipino which is a mixture of all world cultures and English so no one is really ever at a loss when finding a place to go. We as a nation are known to be overly hospitable and always ready to lend a helping hand.

Overwhelming is what most people describe the Philippines the moment they step off the plane. So many sites to see from both land and sea. So come and join us and experience all of the wonders that are abound within this island paradise I call home. Who knows it might become yours too.

Here's a video of Happy Slip a Filipina Born in the USA rediscovering her roots. This is part one of a 6 part series that acts as a documentary of what you will be experiencing too as you come by for a visit. I was like her too and I guess many other people like us that have grown up somewhere else only to find where we truly belong.

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Monica said...

I've a few Filipino friends .. unfortunately we have lost touch

don_Ser said...

proud to be pinoy!

Empty Streets said...

Hi Monica,

awww, well for every friend that has moved on you gain a new one and that is me hehehe :) hugs deary.

Empty Streets said...

hi don ser,

;) cheers to you too :) am happy being one now too :) hehehe

Iloho said...

Before going on any trip whether you are driving it or going by another other modes of transportation, it is important to have a variety of travel maps available. The last thing anybody wants to have happen is getting lost on his or her trip. Being lost takes valuable time away from enjoying yourself if it is a pleasure trip, or takes away from working time if the trip is for business.

Monica said...

Yes, I'm so happy to have a friend like you! Yay! ;-)

Empty Streets said...

Wow iloho that advice is the best and I have gotten lost a couple of times myself hehehe :)

Monica you are more than welcome :) this world of ours isnt like it used to, people are brought closer together even though we tend to be miles apart. :) hugs and enjoy the weekend :)

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