Tuesday Tech at Empty Streets: Tulip Ego - Microsoft's Most Fashionable PC

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Just when one has thought that you have seen it all at least in terms of Luxury items viola something amazing again is yet created from what one would consider rather separate lifestyles. Who would have thought that a powerful 12.1 inch, 64AMD Turion, 1GB ram drive 80 GB HD Vista Ultimate powered laptop would cause anyone to turn their heads to have a second look.

Well I kid you not, especially when one is faced with this rather lavishly luxurious Tulip Ego Laptop with a sleek look of a hand bag that can click and snap on any patented leather, swarovski, or Diamond casing to match the owner's style and if one dares to kick the price to an even higher level get one of those designer artwork casings - am pretty sure you'll turn your head and holler and if not fumble at getting your hands on one of these babies... Until you see the price tag that is :) - $350,000....

Enough to have your jaw drop well that isnt all, it features all of the nifty upto date accessories and hi - tech gadgetry around all included plus 24/7 international support and is only available so far in the Middle East, Europe and North America. If you want to get more acquainted with this rather stylish extravagance feel free to point your browsers to their main page (EGO - you got to love their name as it pretty much says it all) and drool some more :) I know I did...

I guess this time someone was able to the I.T. on the IT crowd - if you catch my drift :) now who wants to buy me one of these babies??? :) Help end world hunger

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Mizé said...

The Tulip PC looks really nice for us girls, really femenin.
I love flowers but never thought they would invent this, lol.
Thanks for sharing this news.
A good Tuesday, xx.

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi metz! my!! that's so cute!! i wish they are not too pricey but i doubt! :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize and Jean,

Isnt this lappy fab?? heheh but yes wayyy tooo pricey hehehe. Hoping they's make one for the common folks too hehehe :)

Mariuca said...

Hi Metz! Thanks so much for visiting me during my absence. I could not drop EC while at the hospital, but am here today. :)

Empty Streets said...

Your more than welcome dear :) that is what friends are for and if there is something that is bothering yah am here for yah. :)

Mariuca said...

LOL! I love the name EGO too Metz! :)

Mariuca said...

WOW, it is really cool Metz but way too pricey boo hoo! :(

Emila Yusof said...

Whoaa! I love 'em! I want one!!

Empty Streets said...

Hi Marzie and Emila,

Yup the EGO laptop truly deserves it's name. And I myself really want one of these babies too, and i found out a friend of mine is shipping it in but you wouldnt want to know the price hehehehe :) I was caught with my mouth open with a shriek the moment he mentioned the price hehehe.

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