Workout Wednesdays on Empty Streets: Belly Dancing Special

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An ancient form of dancing has continued to enchant the modern world even upto now. Many have sought it out and have taken it into the next level of art. But it is only just recently that people are starting to realize that this form of dancing has more benefits than one would think of. Belly Dancing has now become far more than just an eye candy - it has now become the fastest growing fitness craze as many are seeing the weight-loss benefits it gives those that practice this fluidic dance. Amazingly enough it really isnt hard to do, with the right music, preferably from drums, you'll start to feel your hips move to the rhythm in no time.

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Mizé said...

Doing my EC drops. Stopped by to wish you a good Wednesday. looks easy, hein?
But it isn´t, lol.
Lots of people are interested in it, there´s fitness schools that have this class but only in Lisbon/capital.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

Unfortunately Men would look awkward doing this workout hehehe. :) Thanks for dropping by always dear. xoxo

swexie said...

hahaha! i've never met a man in my belly dancing classes...

anyway, i can share a tip for belly dancing lessons: "set the mood" before each class, it will make it easier... (--,)

Mariuca said...

Hi Metz, the weekend is upon us, u still busy or already in a weekend mood? :):):)

Good exercise la this belly dancing he he! :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Swexie,

wow I love the advice hehe :) will pass it on to my sis who is the apprentice to ballet and belly dancing am sure she'll love it :) you must be a great belly dancer :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi marzie,

it is amazing what belly dancing can do for people I have seen a lot of girls that went from flab to abs in about 3 months and they feel more confident about themselves after :) As for the busy part whew am doing everything I can to breath heheh :)

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