Empty Streets Editorial Special: Another Fun Week

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There has been a lot of things that have happened this past week for Empty Streets. We have featured the American Music Awards, Talked about my Favorite Gadget for taking Pictures - Nokia 3120 Classic, Reminded everyone of the benefits of Drinking Water, Featured the Beautiful Country of Malaysia, Taught everyone how to bake the most popular Christmas Dessert - Fruit Cake, Had the best of Victoria Secret's Fashion Show 2008 presented for all of you to drool over :), and Placed the live feed broadcast of the most talked about boxing match of the year between Manny Pacquiao and Oscar Dela Hoya.

To top things off I got to stay in the Manila Peninsula for this weekend as we had to take care of a wedding event there and I just had a blast eating all the smoked salmon fillet I could get and the ice cream wedding cake with my favorite drink of Jack Daniels(feeling a little guilty hehehe). Busy busy busy like a bumble bee is all the theme of what this week has been and this is along side with the regular day job of teaching call center hopefuls how to speak English fluently. I also had a little wifi issue with Smartbro last Thursday and luckily enough they showed how much they cared about me and made sure that they informed me from time to time during the day till my wifi was all fixed and made better. :)

To end this week of I would like to say my thanks for all those that have been very supportive of our site and that means to all of you that are reading and enjoying the things that we have written here thus far and continue to support us by visiting and subscribing to our feed either through rss or email. I would also like to take this time to thank those that have been diligently dropping their cards on our site daily and have become part of the top ten list here on Empty Streets. Just because of that those that haven't been part of our banner of featured blogs as of yet will now join the perma link banners in your honor and support. Thank you again for all the blessings and love you have shown.

To my Top Dropper Associates thank you so much:
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don_ser said...

dropping by here! :)

XanFactor said...

ang cute naman...


ingat po...

EastCoastLife said...

Looks like you really did have a blast at the wedding. I'm imagining the smoked salmon that you ate. mmm....

EastCoastLife said...

Do Filipinos wear traditional wedding outfits?

Empty Streets said...

Hi Don ser,

Thanks for dropping by Empty Streets :) hope you enjoyed the articles and keep coming back for more :)

Hi Xanfactor,

aww now you just made me blush hehehe thanks.


I did have a great time heheeh that smoked salmon was the best I've had so far hehehe now I want to make some on my own at home soon hehehe. As for the outfits that most people wear in weddings here, it really depends but most of the time it is the men that wear the traditional Barong Tagalogs while the women get to splurge on designer gowns heheeh :) Most of these people really go all out for weddings and when I mean all out that ranges from an average of 500,000 pesos to past a million pesos. :)

bloggista said...

Wow, i love Salmon, but raw. Hehehe. I could not imagine how could I do all those things you did here Metz. Talking about dedicated and inspired blogger. :-) Btw, congratulations for your traffic, cheers!

Liza said...

hi ES! i'm not sure what happened to my earlier comment so i am going to repeat it again.

you're welcome and thank you for featuring me here.


EastCoastLife said...

Wow! Spending a million pesos on a wedding!? That sounds grand.

Would love to see a Filipino couple in traditional wedding outfit. :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi B,

heheh yup salmon was worth it all... hehehe imagine me working for salmon hahahahaha :p

Hi Liza,

awww you are more than welcome and I am so grateful for you being here all the time... it is truly an honor.

I'll have one special feature for you this coming weekend ;) just you wait and see deary ;)

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