Empty Streets Special: My Xmas Wish List

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It is xmas time and I just have to do this. I want to finally put up my list of wishes and hope that Daddy Santa will send me his blessings hehehehe:

  1. A Thin Digital Camera
  2. A Dual Sim Flip GSM Phone
  3. A Samsung NC10 Netbook (I just love this little toy)
  4. A handy Flash Drive that doesnt break easy and is water resistant ;)
  5. A Shiny Diamond Watch from Boss
  6. Vanilla Scented Cologne (i like making people hungry as I pass by :)
  7. An ITouch
  8. and A 2Gb 667 DDR2 Ram for my Acer laptop :)
And in the meantime am hoping that Lady Luck shines my way too as I am officially entering my Friend Melo's Christmas wishlist contest and number for on my wish list is on his top prize and am praying I get to win hehehe :) Check it out too guys. Advanced Merry Xmas to all
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bloggista said...

Wow Metz, goodluck! :-) Hehe, I checked out the prizes and they're cool.

I got only one simple wish this Christmas, WORLD Peace.

And some extra cash, a new volvo S-series, or a Kia Sorento, :-)

Empty Streets said...

Hi B,

aww thanks heheeh I do hope that I get something hehehe World Peace hahaha that is what you get for featuring miss world hahahaha. I love the volvo wahhhh :)

Anonymous said...

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