Music Mondays on Empty Streets: Featuring Jordin Sparks

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Jordin Sparks

American Idol Jordin Sparks has finally been recognized in the previous American Music Awards Last November and she is still hitting the airwaves with hit after hit. Her voice is now fast becoming one of the most sought after pop/rnb performances with many other artists teaming up with her such as that of Chris Brown. Now here in Empty Streets we would like to commemorate her win with Jordin's singles that have caught on like a bush fire across the globe. Hope you enjoy her singles - No Air


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This song is dedicated to Marzie of Mariuca and Mariuca's Perfume Gallery for this was her request.
Enjoy Marzie :)

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Mariuca said...

Metz!! You are the sweetest and yes, I love No Air woo hoo! EXCELLENT MM choice from ES, I love it! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Am down with a flu today, didn't get around to doing my MM post, perhaps I'll have it up tomo when I feel better. Happy Tuesday to you and lotsa hugs! :):):)

Rozella said...

Hey Metz, Jordin is pretty cool. One of the better AI winners out of the lot. :)

LadyJava said...

Aww so sweet of you Metz!! I'm sure GP feels just awesome now.. right GP!!! heheh..

Great song!!

hmm.. GP?! Sick is it??

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

So GP's song is here this week, instead of on MPG??!! Nice pick for Music Monday, thanks for sharing Marzie's song with the rest of us.


Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

great pick, metz! we hv similar taste in music! :) love these songs! :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

and you're so sweet, metz! how thoughtful! :)

Mariuca said...

YEAH! Metz is the best! That's right guys, no MM for GP this week so I'm so happy Metz decided to dedicate this one to me HUGS! :):):)

Mizé said...

Hi Metz.
Came to check your MM.
I also like Jordin´s music, passes on the radio here all the time.
She has a good voice, very soft , so it´s a nice choice.
A good Tuesday xx

Empty Streets said...

Hi Guys,

Am so happy and loving that you enjoy the selection but the full credit for this goes to Marzie as she has been the culprit who introduced me to Jordin Sparks heheheh I got hooked instantly and now am playing it on my music player hehehe. I still owe marzie one more artist and so dont worry I'll have Carrie up next Music Monday and I do hope you feel better soon dear. hugs guys :)

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