Technology Tuesdays on Empty Streets: Nokia 3120 Classic

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You probably have noticed by now the photos that I have taken for this website and many of you probably think I have been using a fancy digital camera. This I have to leave you disappointed for all I have been using so far is my handy MP3 playing GSM Phone - Nokia 3120 classic

This phone comes in a variant array of colours and I got the White version equipped with 16million bits of colour and 2 megapixel camera with zoom functionality and flash. Every Photo I have taken from this phone has been Impressive thus far and I myself end up taking a lot of photos of everyday things that I have seen around me. Only issues it may have is with zoom where the pictures are simply cropped and with Macro close up shots which appear a bit blurred. Though with normal everyday shots and simply capturing the moment on film it does its job well. Video quality from a phone is just as impressive as it carries a good enough video quality of 480x640 which I would like to coin as VCD quality videos good enough for Youtube usage.

Form and functionality wise it lives up the the promise of user friendliness from Nokia along with fun games that you are sure to get addicted to. Screen savers can also be used as Main screen wallpapers and are fully functional such as the screen saver clock which is synchronized with the main system clock. It also has powerful speakers and cool headset to get the beat going everywhere you go and amazingly enough the battery life is quite good minus the fact of draining the battery easily when i take pictures.

On the downside, the screen and the phone chassis is easy to scratch and thus I recommend a good rubber slip on to protect the screen from damage. Camera is safely surrounded by hard plastic keeping it safe from getting any unsightly bruises. As everyone also knows this phone is not shock proof and is likely to break if ever you end up dropping it about waist high.

In terms of synchronization with the lappy or computer it is best to use Bluetooth communication rather than the cable connection via usb isn't always consistent. The Phone is Bluetooth compliant with v2.0.

One major flaw though is the 3g Camera - you can only use it when you answer or make a video call. ;)

Overall Gadget rating from us is:
Form - 8
Functionality - 9
Durability - 6
Performance - 8
Price - 8
7.8 out of 10

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