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I have been teaching a lot of students (aspiring call center agents) english for quite some time now and nothing helps them learn english faster and more effectively than through application. The best type of application is a quiz review that progresses from basic english to the more advanced. Fortunate for us there are a lot of website that is available at our disposal to help us do just that. One of these website is the Self Study Grammar Quizzes for ESL that I was very fortunate to find as I constantly searched the internet for comprehensive types of lessons to teach my kids.

The Self Study Grammar Quizzes is a site that focuses on practice quizzes that ranges from easy to difficult and covers various topics such as grammar, vocabulary and idoms, plus a whole lot more. The answer key is readily available as a drop down and to run the website doesnt require much from one's computer system. The instructions are clearly set and easy to understand. And it is a very good website to visit and work with as a supporting lesson add on when you find yourself teaching english.

I strongly recommend that you visit the site and try it out yourself - Self Study Grammar Quizzes

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your sassy reporter said...

thanks for sharing this! i am actually shifting career towards the very in call center industry as a technical support rep.this site would help

Empty Streets said...

Hi Sassy reporter,

am so glad that you found this site useful. will try to keep it up to date once my schedule has been all cleared up. xoxo

p.sangeetha said...

Hi Friends,
There are plenty of call centre jobs in india.Just post your resume and get your dream job. All the Best.

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