Empty Streets Special: Amazing Bag From Emila Yusof :)

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I had the Most pleasant surprise today as I got a notification from our Postal Office that there was a package that I had to pick up from the Main Postal Office branch today and I was a bit puzzled yet excited to find out who the parcel was from and what the parcel was :)

Unfortunately though I had office during the time that the postal service provider was open so I had to ask my Habi to pick it up for me and so my suspense was further prolonged. So by the time I got home I just couldnt wait to look for the parcel. And I was so happy to see that the package came from Malaysia and I suspected it was the one that Emila sent me during christmas and when I finally opened it I was so happy. Now I have a bag to carry my lunch box in as I go to work and it was so cute I really really loved it. I even had a cute greeting card from Emila and it was so heart warming - it really didnt matter that it arrived late it was worth the wait. :)
I really loved design and the detail that was from her Website header throughou the Christmas holiday season. It brought back a lot happy memories for me.

For those that don't know the talented Emila Yusof, she is the author and artist behind her popular website Emila's Illustrated Blog, she's the one responsible for making that cute RSS Dolly you see of me on my side bar along with many other blogs that you see that have similar RSS Dolls. She is also a very talented illustrator for children's books and websites around the world have used her art as their header. Her personality also reflects the beauty of her talent and she will always make people feel right at home. I strongly recommend that you pay her a visit today and see for yourself how talented and friendly this amazing Emila Yusof is and am sure you'll be coming around for more :) I also would like to give credit to two talented women for being the one's to introduce Emila to me - Marzie and LJ - These two have a lot to share as well and a lot of heart too. :) I owe a lot to them and the friendship I have with them is priceless. :) Try and visit them too and you'll definitely learn a lot just as much as I have :)

Thanks again Emila - You made my day and am so grateful to have met you. Stay strong always. :)
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Mariuca said...

WOW! This is the most special gift ever Metz! What a wonderful surprise from Emila! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Thanks for the mention Metz, GP loves you too of coz! :):):)

crissy said...

I bet my daughter will be interested to learn her style. She loves drawing so much and I guess she has a talent like Emila ;)

Emila Yusof said...

Hi Metz!! It finally arrived! I am glad you're using it to put your lunch box!!

Empty Streets said...

Hi Crissy,

I am sure that she would love her style. And I believe that Emila is an excellent teacher of art too :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Emila,

everyone in the office loved it :) Thank you so much for the gift :)

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