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Hi Guys,

It has been such a wonderful week for me and I do hope it has been for you as well. I have just completed teaching a class of 20 students in Excel Asia and glad to say a lot of them have passed their interviews for a bunch of Call Centers here in the Philippines.

I have also finished several articles here in Empty Streets which I would love you guys to check out as well as received a very prestigious award from Maria of Life's Sweets and Spices of which I am so grateful and humbled. Maria Awarded me with a Triple Award Special and as it was given at the beginning of the year it now holds a very special place here on Empty Streets. Being in such a happy mood and it has been always a habit of mine I have passed on the awards to my blogging friends as follows:

Marzie of Mariuca and Mariuca's Perfume Gallery, Bloggista of Bloggista.com and Bloggista.org, Lady Java of Lady Java's Lounge and Lady Java's Life Pages, Emila Yusof of Emila's Illustrated Blog, Crissy of Housewife at work, Monica of Turn U Off, Bono of Bonoraiu, Mark of Makoy's Memoirs, Make Money Online with Makoy, Makoy's Take of The Arts and The Certified Pinoy Blogger, Melo Villareal of Pinoy Cravings and Melo Villareal, Snowy of Dear Bloggery, Ambo of Pinoy Ambisyoso, ZEN VENTURES, George of Serradinho, ASK MS RECIPE, ECL of East Coast Life, Jean of A Great Pleasure, iWalk of iWalk U 2, Mize of Portuguese Menu, Night Clicks, and NetFreeSource, Kim of Lake Trees, and of course to Nash and Ian of Black and White and ianalcazar.blogspot.com

All of them really have a lot of talent but more importantly a lot of heart to match all the talent. These are the people that continuously strive to improve what they dish out to their readers and welcome each one like a long lost friend. Bravo to all of you guys.

Aside from that I have also finalized the layout and of course started writing again for a blog that I have set aside for quite sometime now - Call Center Life - it was and is mainly patterned for those in the said industry but with a lot of twists. You can even find open jobs on that site plus a lot the principles used in terms of Business and Management and other useful job tips are just as applicable to any job setting. Another blogsite I have been taking care of is Marketing 411 has been launched about a couple of months back and has started to pick up pace along with readers. This is a blog where I place all the Marketing Strategies that I have used here on Empty Streets that have made it a success along with all the web marketing secrets I have learned from my friends mentioned above (you really have to pay each one a visit and get to talk to them to see how much they really have to offer in terms of knowledge and friendship). One that surprises me the most though is how popular my personal blog site is - Metz's Secret Garden - I have been monitoring the number of people that go to that site and amazingly have gotten emails about how they loved the things and sometimes even raw emotion I let out on that blog. Of course, I have to say am pleasantly amazed and grateful for the fact that a lot of people like the things am writing and putting out.

A lot of my regular readers already know that aside from the blog sites and teaching English I also have another job and that is coordinating for Weddings. That part of my life has been quite a success from the beginning and we have been constantly receiving a lot of bookings and offers since the start of November to the Present. We even had to turn down some clients cause unfortunately there are over laps in the schedules they have chosen. I have to admit though eventually we may have to divide the group so we can accommodate more clients and that is sure to happen within the year. I love being able to coordinate weddings for lots of reasons. Some of them are the fulfillment I get when I see the smiles and tears of joy from the people that are involved in the event, the connections I make with the suppliers such as the talents of Jason Magbanua who is the Philippine's best videographer and award winning film maker. Mimi and Karl who as a photography duet have made the most mundane things seem magical in every single shot they take with their cameras. Chinkie Uy-Agregado who is the owner and head of the best Wedding Planners Company in the Philippines who makes the event for any couple stress free and ensures that all that they have dreamed to happen as they wish it to be and more. That is just the three groups of people that have so far been exceptional at the art of making a One Day Event memorable for the rest of everyone's life.

Today me and Habi went out to buy some office furniture for our home office and amazingly enough we found a new office desk and shelves that were strong and sturdy yet with the price it was such a steal. :) We went to do our shopping for these things along with our grocery for the week in Makro Makati. This is a place where a lot of business people that are into retail go to as they sell a lot of stuff at wholesale prices. The Office table and shelves we bought surprisingly came from Malaysia and can be found in Makro's nonfood link here: NonFood

One more thing that I would like to make special mention of is that amazing Japanese Chocolate that I had last week and I can't help but share it with all of you and hope you get to try it in the future - Royce - a very delicious mouth watering and awe inspiring chocolate sensation. Yes it is really that good. We bought a box which had to be served in an insulated pack with ice. That is necessary so as to keep it from melting and once opened you had to eat it immediately with the stick provided because if you eat it with your hands it would melt in your fingers. Once eaten, it melts at a pleasantly gradual rate in your mouth almost as if you were eating semi solid chocolate with a tinge of ice cream sensation goodness. It was the most amazing chocolate experience I have ever had.

With so many things happening and more things to come am hoping that I get to see you and many more people over here at Empty Streets 1027 - Come and walk with us - I'll make you feel right at home.

As always keep in mind that your feedback and response on how we can further improve is most appreciated and it is because of you that Empty Streets is where it is now and for that I am forever grateful to all of you. Till the next time. xoxo
Free Rice

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Monica said...

Hi Metz! I'm glad to hear that you are doing so well...;-)

Mizé said...

Hi Metz.
Thanks for your kind words about me, it´s really nice to know you feel that way.
Once again, thanks for the award and all the link love :)
You have a handful of good things going on, enjoy the max.
I´m off to do my MM, happy blogging week.

maria said...

hi metz! thanks again for the recognition :)

you are such a busy person, it's good that you are able to squeeze in all of those.

have a great week.

bloggista said...

Hey Metz, just dropping by to see how you're doing? Hope the weekend gave the much needed energy to face another week ahead.

"As always keep in mind that your feedback and response on how we can further improve is most appreciated.."

- with a PR of 4 and a solid traffic, couldn't asked for more. Hehe, congratulations, besides the hectic skeds, you still are doing great bloggin'.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Monica and Mize,

You guys always make Empty Streets a pleasant place to be and am honored everytime you guys drop by. :)

Hi Maria,

It is my pleasure to have here all the time and am glad that you are enjoying everything that you see here. :)

Hi B,

Awww am speechless now :) I have to admit I learned a lot from you and much more during our conversations. I have you to thank for and you will always have my continued support as always :)

Crissy said...

Hi Metz! Thanks for always remembering me. You are such a busy guy. Take care of your health and more business to come. ;)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Crissy,

am so happy that you got the chance to drop by and it is always such an honor to have you here. I have to admit trying to get things together and time management have been my greatest area of opportunity hehee. Anyways hope all is just as well with you. :)

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