Empty Streets Special: Hooked on Anime - Naruto

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I have to confess something really badly here - I am addicted to anime - there I said it, I am so hooked to watching Anime that I have added the anime live shows tv on my sidebar for all anime addicts to use to their content to watch anime live or catch up on recorded shows by simply clicking the on demand button. You can also watch it full screen by clicking the full screen button. Now this is a buffering site thus your internet speed will dictate how smoothly you get to watch the shows.

One anime that I tend to watch a lot and try to catch up on is my favorite anime cartoon series popularly known as Naruto which is also the name of the main character in the series. The story is about a boy that dreams to be the best Ninja fighter in their village and is often getting himself into situations that are funny, mischievous, and even dangerous. I like the way he goes against all odds through the use of a strong personal belief and perseverance to succeed. Sometimes he reminds me of someone I know heheheh. I get to watch him anytime I want to when I am free because of the Anime TV on my sidebar and for that am grateful. I get to watch him during my lunch time and break time in the office when I have absolutely nothing to do and of course at home during the weekends. Like I mentioned before they record the live stream and save it so that we get to watch it at our own pace. Even cooler to know is that even if it is Japanese it has English Subtitles and amazingly enough so far grammatically correct. :)

To top things up and get you all hooked up too here is a tribute to one of the funniest Characters in Naruto - Sakura Haruno :)

The sound track of this tribute is wickedly cool too. Till the next post :) xoxo
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iWalk said...

Oh, Young people like you all love Japanese cartoon and Korean style love. :)

Haha, Hope you a great week too,Metz!


I have seen these but not much really. The characters look really fun!

maria said...

my nephew and nieces are crazy over anime.

Empty Streets said...

Hi iWalk - awww arent we all kids even at heart hehehe :) Hope you are having a great week too :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi HNW Mom :) awww you and your kids will find the cartoon both hilarious and inspiring :) Hope you are having a great week too :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Maria,

Wow am sure that once they here that they can watch their favorite anime here at Empty Streets anytime of the day and be able to choose what cartoon to watch they'd probably go nuts hehehee :)

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