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Hi Guys,

It is a Sunday again and as many are relaxing and lazily lounging around. I have to say I too feel the same way as I finally have a little time to Breathe too. Next week I will be loaded with a lot of deliverables and be as busy as a bee again but don't worry I have all the articles covered at the same time. Will be launching a contest sometime soon too but I just have to get the mechanics right first.

Today I would like to talk about the year of the OX. Most especially since this is a topic that has been raised quite a lot here. But at the same time I would like to Introduce you to the person responsible for the spark in me to write about it :) - Mize - a very industrious and talented Portuguese mom that frequently visits me here in Empty Streets 1027. She can write, cook and tweak things around her blogs making her a techtastic Mom. :) If you don't believe me simply visit her sites here and be dazzled by her personality and feel right at home in her kitchen, as you converse and exchange thoughts and Ideas with her.

Here are her Blogs:
My Country Home
Portuguese Menu
Night Clicks

Now back to the topic of the year of the OX. There are many Predictions that have been made by a lot of Chinese astrologers for this year and with my experience with Chinese astrology, one should cross reference his/her birthyear with that of the current year and many more complications which is why Mize asked where it was the best to get the predictions. Fortunate enough I found the place and guess what - it is right here with a lot of thanks to Pinoybusiness.org for being the Fortune Teller for us this year ;)

Year of the Ox 2009 Predictions:

On a lighter note I have something cool that I want you guys to try out just to tickle your minds a bit and it is a quick quiz that takes only less than a minute of your time to do and the result is quite fun to see as it shows your percentage in terms of addiction with blogging :) I also again have to thank Mize for this one - see she is a very talented Mom that is just all over the place ;)
72%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

To sum things up for this article on the Year of the Ox here is a master to help you out further with this year:

12 Horoscopes Forecast for 2009 (Ox) by Fengshui Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong - The most amazing bloopers are here
Free Rice

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Emila Yusof said...

lol! am one point behind you in the quiz!!!

Emila Yusof said...

i was born in the year of rooster!

Snow said...

I was born under the most powerful and mythical animal in the world! ^_^

Empty Streets said...

Hi Emila,

yayy hehe am so happy you enjoyed the test hehehe but One point behind me means that you are as tenacious a blogger as me heheheh :) the only thing keeping us from fully going into the virtual world completely is our family hehehe :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Snow,

wow your a dragon child hehehe :) Love it no wonder you have a very powerful personality. :)

Ask Ms Recipe said...

Mr E,

I came to give you a shout and you moved things around again. LOL. I like the pictures at the bottom with the links to your posts. Great idea. The info on what animal you are based on the year you were born is neat,but I'm not going to tell you what animal I am. :)
Ms R

Ask Ms Recipe

Mizé said...

Hi Metz.
Such a special dedication...and kind words about me!
I can only say I´m so thankful for all your support.

Great references to learn more about the Ox. Thanks for that!
Know I understand that being my year doesn´t necessary mean that everything will be a bed of roses.
In the book I have about Chinese Astrology, I´m more than a simple Ox. This is my next learning step.
In my life I have two female dragons and a rat. What a "Karma" :)
I´d also like to thank you for your comments, I already answered them.
Well, off I go. I need to do Top Droppers post for my other blogs. Tonight, I tried to access EC but the site was down.

If you can, drop by to check my MM.
I´ll come later to check your updates.
Happy Monday!

Mizé said...

I already knew you were a bit addicted to blogging but ha! ha! Confirmed :)
By your results, it looks I´m a bit more, I´m helpless and addicted... Do you think there will be blogging recovery centers in the future? :)
Just kidding.

Crissy said...

I was born pala in the Year of the Ox (1973).. hehehe.. Hope it will be a great year for me..
A Mother’s Stuff
Housewife @ Work

Crissy said...

BTW, I tried the quiz and I got 71%.
A Mother’s Stuff
Housewife @ Work

Empty Streets said...

Hi Ask Ms. R,

hehe am so glad to see you over here :) and you have a keen memory there too :) heheh Yup been moving things around trying to experiment on what would be most user friendly and load time efficient for all my readers :) and am so happy for the positive feedback. Cant wait to get even better at it as I learn more about css style sheets hehehe. :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

yayyy am so happy that you liked the post and at least I was helpful for yah too :) and am so excited to hear what you have over at your MM today. am a bit late but hope to get to catch up too :) see over at nightclicks :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Crissy,

wow this is definitely your year :) heheh and based on what I can see you are on a roll :) cant wait what you will be upto next - though I think you need a blog makeover to match your personality :) try and check what Lady java has to offer as well as Emila's Illustrated blogs :) they have the best deals and they have the ability to capture your personality ;)

Mizé said...

I really liked the post. Thanks so much for all the link love.
My MM is a music that bring me good memories from my twenties. Great singers too. The song I picked is special to me because I´m far from my original home although now I belive that:
"Where I lay my head is home" (Metallica).
Happy blogging!

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