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A lot of aspiring applicants trying to get into the call center industry will normally go through a normal process of hiring - that is going straight to the call center company itself and submitting their resume hoping to get called and interviewed. Many that have gone through this traditional method have a common experience, they dont get hired. Not because their resume is unattractive, not because their work experiences aren't enough, but rather they have failed to prepare themselves with what is expected from them to get in and of course a strong mastery of the English language.

I mean let's face it, it really doesnt matter how good you are in terms of your skill set but if you dont really know what you are getting yourself into and at least demonstrate good conversational skills you wont get hired. Call Centers as a whole demand that the applicants at least are capable of these minimum requirements. Good news though to those that have gone through these frustrating process.

It's no secret that in landing the best jobs you need the help of a head hunter or an Executive Search Company (one that matches your skills and helps you find the most suitable company and job for you) and a place that will prepare you for the job you desire to have (that is where training comes in). There are several companies that offer this, however, there is one that stands out amongst the rest. Excel Asia.

Excel Asia has by far the most thorough and advanced learning and training curriculum to help you land that call center job you want. It really doesnt matter if you have a call center background or not, this place is guaranteed to help you with the issues that you have been facing since you started pushing your luck at getting in the industry.

Here are the things that Excel Asia Offers aspiring applicants:

Comprehensive English Communications Assessment

Throrough Standard American English Training

Placement in Major Call Centers within the Philippines

You'd probably think that this is something expensive or a hidden fee is involved but to be honest it is absolutely free. So if you want to avail of the training simply leave a form on their website.

See you at Excel Asia :)

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John said...

A fresh graduate's life is a waste particularly when his/her degree is such a waste itself(well that's me of course, and the couple of others).But the said predicament does particularly vary though. But to think that we live on this country which is on its verge of atrophy well must we find a job that could help rise our nation..How then if might you ask? By relaying our services in such competent way. Showing them what is ought for them to swallow.What?Our talents, our competencies, our wild card. And what is that? Our dignity, our strength that's been lying dormant inside our inner self...That's why I pity the youngs of our preceding generation because there's no one for them to make them realize about it(though it may be hard for them since they're too young to understand it), but still...
That went quite too far. Well, that's why. I really want to be in part of this agency. Though my claims may find desperate, however, I've firmly recognize how these things might be resolved, and you know it. Well, that was it...

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