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Everyone knows that a good branding and design is just as vital to the success of anything in the business world. It is just as crucial as the talent and the product being presented itself. Many people tend to over look this particular necessity and thus when they create a product that is though powerful as it can be on its own still fails to capture the market that it is trying to reach.

Branding and Design is what made the difference for a lot of products such as from the more popular brands that have become home icons like Coca Cola, Xerox, and Colgate along with the success through buyer interest made for products like Banana Ketchup and Margarine. Now with the later example consider these products in their natural state - Banana Ketchup isn't really red nor was Margarine really Yellow - However, their competition which were real Tomato ketchup and Butter already possessed qualities in terms of color that they are associated with, the product owners of Banana Ketchup and Margarine reconsidered replicating their competition since no one showed interest in their products in their natural condition. It was only when they did this that they finally broke into the market and caught consumer attention.

When there are so many products in the market that have seemingly the same qualities, the one that captures a consumer's attention is how the product looks and once that is accomplished it is only then that the consumer starts to get interested in what it has to offer. This principle is in fact the same for us bloggers and anyone that gets into the 2.0 industry. With so much competition out there it is of no surprise that we also have to compete not only in content but also to consider how attractive and user friendly our sites can be for the audience.

Here's a video to that also stresses out this point:

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