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Keywords have a lot to play when it comes to SEO marketing. The density of the keywords including that of the meta tags and meta descriptions have its weight in bringing a persons site to the top of the search list. Defining one's niche is of course a necessary factor before you go and get yourself massing up on your chosen keywords. I personally use to help me out with this aspect and coolest thing about it is that it is absolutely free.

My personal experience with using keyword density on my main site Empty Streets 1027 is that the more I use the my chosen keywords which is Empty Streets several times in my posts and the layout including the side bars and meta tags and descriptions has helped my site move up in rankings and is what helped my site reach the top link for the keywords -Empty-Streets-1027. though admittedly my new pagerank of 4 has a lot of weight too but prior to the new page rank Empty Streets has already started it's climb due to the overuse of the words Empty Streets :)

Aside from that you can also use the Website Grader site above to check on your competitors performance in terms of keyword density against your own site. The general rule is if your competitor has a greater density than yours you have to work on surpassing your competitors numbers in terms of density - even more so if the competitor site has a higher page rank than yours.

So far that is what I have been using but as always I like hearing and learning from others and so I found this useful video that is quite as informative and very helpful in further explaining this SEO marketing principle.

With that video and my own experience with Keyword density I do hope this gets to shed some light to your questions about the use of keywords on your websites and how this can help you get recognized overall. Till the next time. xoxo

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Gem said...

Thanks! So this is your other blog too :-)

It is really true that blogs with lower pageranks can outperforms blogs with higher pageranks.

Good to hear that you got page 4 on your Empty Streets blog. To those who sell links and do paid reviews, it means a lot of money for them.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Gem,

You found me here hehehe :) and yes it is because of keyword density that blogs that do not have pagerank can in a lot of ways compete with those that have pageranks. As for the pagerank 4 of empty streets it really wasn't what I was expecting and I have to say am so grateful for it and it is something that I have to work on maintaining if not improving. Google can be quite complicated sometimes but based on what I have learned so far simply follow your passion and things will follow through somehow :)

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