Tech Tuesdays on Empty Streets: Motorola W233 Renew - First Green Phone

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Motorola has finally become a global benchmark for "Green Phones" as it just released the Motorola W233 - a phone whose entire make comes from recycled materials such as its plastic parts.

Here are the Motorola W233's Key Features:
- Postage paid recycling Envelope (for you to be able to send back your old Motorola Phone for recycling)
- Certified Carbon Free
- Upto 2 Gb of Removable Memory
- Upto 9 Hours Talk time
- 18 days standby time (to reduce energy waste)
- Music and Video Enabled
Even the box and the manual is made of recycled paper.

Now that the Motorola W233 has been released we are sure to see a lot more of these phone types coming out and I guess it is high time that we started planning for our future especially with our gadgets since we use a lot of them anyways.

As always here is more in video format about the Motorola W233 ECO.LOGICAL:

Overall in terms of rating - because of it's eco friendly design minus the fact that it is practically a basic phone with music and video qualities the phone is rated at an 8.5. Not bad for a phone that doesn't have bluetooth and other connectivity capabilities aside from GPRS. Moving forward though the Motorola W233 Renew is definitely creating waves - even I want one soon. If you want to know more about the Motorola W233 Renew simply point your bowsers here - Motorola W233 Renew Till the next time. xoxo
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Zen Ventures said...

I admire phone companies going green! I wish Nokia would do that too then I'll be in phone heaven! Are you with a telecoms company? or a Call center?

Zen Ventures
Tosty Brown

Empty Streets said...

Hi Zen Ventures,

I couldnt agree with you more, but as for the Nokia going green come back next week and I'll make your phone heaven come true :) hehehe. as for where I work, i work for a head hunting firm that mostly caters to call centers :)

Makoy said...

kuya, san mo nakuha yung rss cartoon character version mo? gusto ko rin ng ganon.

Cats said...

Seems like a cool phone - and I agree..going green rocks!

Empty Streets said...

Hi makoy,

I got my rss dolly from Emila's Illustrated blog, I have the link to her site on my side bar :)

Empty Streets said...

HI Cats,

I totally agree with you on that. It is definitely time for all of us including the big corporate companies to start thinking about our future. Btw, I just noticed your kitties they are so adorable. :)

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