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I have been looking around for a digital camera to use since the start of the xmas season and one that was simple and easy to use. Just a regular point and shoot was something that I had in mind. Little did I know that the Mobile industry had something up their sleeve yet again.

Featuring the Samsung Innov8 - notice that the number on the name is something that would cause any tech lover to pause and wonder. Wonder no more as you can clearly see that the number 8 on the phone's name stands for the number of Mega pixels for it's camera. You read it right this is a Mobile phone equiped with 8 Mega pixels of point and shoot quality now surpassing many other competitive phones in the market to date.

Aside from that the phone supports all of the advanced features one could ever wish for in a phone such as full internet page surfing, wifi, bluetooth and full multimedia support.

Overall I would rate this phone an 8.5 as the only thing that it lacks is form factor and thickness of equipment. I have a thing about gadgets that kinda leave a bulge in places I dont want to have one :).

With all that being said the Samsung Innov8 i8150 does make one reconsider if I should purchase a Digital point and shoot camera or wait a bit for a little more funding and have a multipurpose gadget that takes amazing shots while on the go.
Here's the full commercial for this fab phone + A Video Tutorial ;)

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iWalk said...

It can do anything except shaving. :)


Thanks so much for the new year greeting, Metz!

Now you are back to work, And I will begin my chinese new year holiday! I will disappear for some days like you too!

So it's your open-day this year, Hope you a great start !

EastCoastLife said...

Woot! Welcome back! Surprisingly, I miss you! :)

Happy New Year! That was a long break for you.

Empty Streets said...

Hi IWalk,

aww a definitely well deserved break for you :) dont forget to take as much pictures :) I get to travel the world with yah everytime you bring back those photographs :)


awww see that is the reason why I keep on coming back for more. I get to experience a lot through your site and the way you draw your readers in as you experience the world is what makes me coming back for more - you are a very influential writer ;)

Monica said...

Hello Metz! Welcome back! ;-)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Monica,

it sure is good to be back hehehe :) missed all of you guys so much :)

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