Travel Thursday on Empty Streets: Sinulog Festival Cebu City

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One of the Philippine's most anticipated cultural events that is attended not just by locals but by tourist enthusiasts from across the globe. This is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January to honor the Sto. Nino (Baby Jesus).

This has been a tradition in Cebu since the Spanish era centuries ago and has continued to be celebrated to the present date. People participate in group song and dance numbers and parade across town in this rather colorful festivities. In more ways than one, people have compared it the the Mardi Gras of Rio De Janeiro.

Here are some of the videos taken for this year's Sinulog Festival:

I do hope that you have enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Sinulog Festival of Cebu and Hopefully you can find time to come and join the Sinulog Festivities with us next year.

To help you with the flights and bookings you can simply contact the local airline Cebu Pacific or if you prefer a connecting flight through our International Airlines - Philippine Airlines. Till the next time. xoxo
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maria said...

hi! i have not been to sinulog but i'm hoping to go someday. thanks for sharing these wonderful videos.

btw, you have been awarded, please grab it here.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Maria,

wow thanks so much for the award will be zipping to your site in a jiffy :)

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