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Beautiful Boracay - this is my favorite Island getaway for many people here in the Philippines and this is not just for the Filipinos but even visitors from across the globe all come to visit the beautiful white sands and clear waters of one of the world's best beaches.
This beach has so much to offer it's visitors from it's beaches to the beautiful people that give everyone a warm and welcoming smile. Just to get things started below is a map of the island.

From Island 1 to Island three and in between you are guaranteed to experience a lot of Adventures from island hopping to island shopping. The food to is just as great and there are several places to choose from once you get there and getting there is from Manila is a breeze. Here are some of the best airlines to go to get the best deals:

Choose Your Boracay Flight:
SEAIR Philippines - Flights to Boracay from Manila to Caticlan

SEAIR PHILIPPINES - Fastest Flights to Boracay Island via Caticlan Airport on Panay Island, from Manila in just 35 Minutes in the SEAIR Dornier 328 German Built Turbo-Prop, currently the most advanced aircraft flying to Boracay.

Learn More --> Caticlan Airport
Asian Spirit Airlines - Flights to Boracay from Manila to Caticlan

ASIAN SPIRIT AIRLINES - Travel to Boracay by Jet, from Manila to Caticlan Airport on Panay Island, Aklan Philippines. With the most Flights to Boracay Beach Philippines, now by Jet Aircraft.

Learn More --> Caticlan Airport
Cebu Pacific - Flights to Boracay from Cebu and Manila to Kalibo

CEBU PACIFIC AIRLINES - With the Cheapest Flights to Boracay, weekdays and weekends. Flights to Boracay from Manila or Cebu to Kalibo Airport on Panay Island. Flight times range from 45 minutes to 1 hour, with an additional 1 hour bus travel to Caticlan.

Learn More --> Kalibo Airport
Philippines Airlines - Flights to Boracay from Manila to Kalibo

PHILIPPINES AIRLINES - Flights to Boracay from Manila Domestic Airport to Kalibo, flight time is just 40 Minutes, additional land travel by van or bus to Caticlan is 1 Hour. Enjoy the comfort of a larger Jet, the only commercial jet of the Philippines.

Learn More --> Kalibo Airport
Aside from that there are also several places that you can choose from to stay in once you arrive in Boracay and what is even cooler is that the choices are so diverse that you may end up staying in more than one hotel all throughout or even better stay longer than you would expect or wish you had more time to spare to stay :)

Here are the list of places you can choose from but like I mentioned earlier there is definitely a lot more once you get there.

Station 1:
Artista Boracay
Alta Vista de Boracay Resort
Balinghai Beach Resort
Boracay Beach Club Resort
Blue Lilly Resort
Boracay Plaza
Boracay Gold Crowne
Boracay Grand Vista Resort & Spa
Boracay Ocean Club Beach Resort
Boracay Resort Frendz
Cocomangas Boracay
Crystal Sand Resort
Discovery Shores Boracay Resort
Escondido Boracay
Fairways and Bluewater
Friday's Boracay
Jony's Boracay Resort
Le Soleil De Boracay
Mandala Spa Boracay
Nami Boracay
One Crescent Place

Paradise Bay Resort
Pearl of the Pacific

Punta Rosa Boracay Resort
Royal Park Boracay
Sea Wind Boracay
Sitio Waling Waling Boracay Hotel
Sur Bocay Resort
The Strand Boracay Resort
True Home Boracay
Two Seasons Boracay Resort
Waling-Waling Boracay
Willy's Boracay

Station 2:
Boracay Beach Resort
Boracay Regency
Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel
De Paris Resort

Fat Jimmy's
Grand Boracay Resort
Hey Jude Boracay
Microtel Boracay Beach Resort
Lorenzo Main Boracay
Patio Pacific Boracay

Palm Breeze Boracay

Red Coconut
Sand Castles Boracay
Sands Boracay Beach Resort
Seraph Boracay Hotel

Tides Boracay Hotel Resort

Station 3:
357 Boracay Resort
Alyssa Boracay Resort
Bamboo Beach Resort

Blue Lagoon Boracay Beach Resort
Blue Mango
Boracay Hills Resort

Boracay Tropics Island Hotel Resort
Club Panoly Boracay Beach Resort
Dave's Straw Hat Inn
Paradise Garden Boracay
Lorenzo Grand Villas Resort
Lorenzo South Boracay
Pinjalo Resort Villas
Orchids Boracay Resort
Sun Village Resort

And just to make sure you really come over and stay I have a cool video for you to enjoy that highlights all of Boracay's good points and much more :)

Hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. See you there :) xoxo

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iWalk said...

Wow! I should know more about your country! I only been to Manila before!

What a great place! The sunshine, the sea and these colorful nights!

Oh, it's very cold here, Miss these warm elements so much!

crissy said...

A great place indeed for the family to enjoy. Happy weekend!
A Mother’s Stuff

Mariuca said...

WOW, I love the beach picture Metz, it looks like paradise! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Wishing u a fun-filled weekend, it's gonna be a busy one for GP! ;)

Empty Streets said...

Hi iWalk,

awww am sure that the cold must be very uncomfortable. You can always drop by anytime you want to and enjoy the sun and the beach. It will definitely be a pleasant change :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Crissy,

I couldnt agree with you more. Cant wait to drop by Boracay sometime this summer :) crossing my fingers that it pushes through without a glitch :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Marzie,

You are absolutely right, this is a place that is so close to paradise leaving is such a painful thing sometimes hehehe. Happy week ahead dear. :)

Tess Marie said...

Nice to come there.
You can visit also
for an anjoyable vacation at Bora!

Tess Marie said...

Nice to come there.
You can visit also
for an anjoyable vacation at Bora!

Empty Streets said...

Hi Tess,

wow i love your site too. will definitely look for yah once am ready to fly out there again this year :)

Kristine said...

Your photos are so lively. I like it. Know more about Boracay travel, please visit

Empty Streets said...

Hi Kristine :) aww thanks so much for following my blogsite :) I love your site just as much too :)

Sam said...

Fantastic pictures, makes me want to go to Boracay this coming weekend. Please visit the following website for more information about traveling to Boracay: and

boracay airfare said...

Nice picture of sea with clear water and white sand. Thank you for posting this article, readers can get knowledge about Boracay.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Boracay Airfare,

aww it was my pleasure, I really love boracay a lot and am badly wishing to get back there again sometime hehehe :)

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