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Posted 8:45 AM by Mezhal Ulao in Labels:
It is the month of love and nothing is better than giving out linky love to my blogging friends. I have to thank all of them here for it is because of these people here on my list that Empty Streets 1027 is the way it is today. Love yah guys lots :)

Empty Streets Loves These Blogs
Mariuca*Emila's Illustrated Blog*Bloggista*House Wife At Work*Video Blogging Tips*Pinoy Gaming*The Flying Beagle*Paperkrafts*Makoy's Memoirs*The Colorful World of Shiela*Steven Humour*Reap Money Online*Night Clicks*Paul Baines*Tasteful Voyage*Spirit of Blogging*Cheap Danny*Money Ning*Online Games*Ask Ms Recipe*Turn u Off*Pepper Sprays and Tasers*Celebrity Today*Life's a Pizza Pie*The Modern Mom*Bum-spot*The Concrete Journal*Lady Java*A Great Pleasure*East Coast Life*Random Thoughts*Kevin's Blog*Meltwater Torrents Meanderings Delta*iWalku2*Beyond Feron*Big Boys Have Toys Too*Estudyante.com*Sports Addict*Requiem*Bioteck*Go Shopping Info*PCremix*Dwayne Reaves*Rhyan*Serradinho*Veramore*The Single Parent Talks*Moms... Check Nyo*Mariuca's Perfume Gallery*Wazzup Manila*Room 237 Origins*Mind Relaxing Ideas*BanicManic*ISeeTech*Adsense Addict*Portugese Menu*Blogging More*Focus Organic*Life's Sweets and Spices*TAD*Blogtipz*Pro-Blog Reviews*Fresh Scoops*In My Kitchen*Chronic Chick Talk*Kimmy Sharing Light*Kawaii at CuteBoo*Brainmenu Mental Health Blog*SpicyBugz World*The Certified Pinoy Blogger*Make Money Online With Makoy*Makoy's Take On the Arts*Dead Rooster*bmf1blog*Pinay Mom Blogs*Techno Techniques*Call Center Gal*Manilenio*Barako Brew*More Internet Income*Basketball Daily*Blissful Weddings*7 Miles Down*Justin Germino*Mom's Cafe*Wongsk Blog*Sports 2000*Themelib*All Blogspot Templates*Steam Powered Rings*The Lady Programmer*Lake Trees*Politics 2000*House Home Garden*Health Nut Wannabee Mom*EZ DIY Electricity*Rebellious Arab Girl*Dragon Blogger*Young Urban Professionals Nook*Bizphere*Seek No More*Blognet Blog Awards*Practical Tips*My Life Being Bipolar*Pinoy Copywriter*Ethereal Heaven*My Digiscraps Creation*Melting Chocolate*All Contests*Themelib Contest*Tru-Life Adventures*Of Cats*Webstyle*A Saudi Life*PlotDog Press*A Sound Of a Soft Breath*Aeirin Collections*Arohan's Investing Life*Wood Gas*The Success*Joan Joyce*The Thin Red Line*Starting Over*Orange Inks*Pinoy Ambisyoso*Melo Villareal*PinoyCravings*RU Screening*Unconventional Marketing*Manong Ken's Carinderia*Game Saint Blog*Mommy's Little Corner*IanAlcazar*SlamBlogger*WikiPika*Balay ni Bambit*Chopsticks*Rambling Rose*Xanfactor Troubleshooting 101*Famous Circle*Living With Chronic Illness*Bombchell*Delish Dish*Entrecard Blog*Tamicks*John Monte *Pinoy Money Talk*Imagination Manifesto*Roxiticus Desperate Housewives*HRM Business Practices and Notes*NetFreeSource*Lady Java Life's Pages*SpeedCatHollyDale*Blog By Obama*Conception Tips*PinoyWebSurfer*Dear Bloggery*Father Blogger Dot Com*Bendzg*archondigital*TechJaws*Princess Sabrina*Big Money List*Zen Ventures*Smiley Earth Blog*Holy Cuteness
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1) Once you're tagged, install the corner banner at your blog as a third party html code. (The corner banner need to stay at your blog for at least 2 weeks).
2) Post about this meme, Valentine's Love.
3) Add your blog/s with link/s to the Valentine's Lovers list and leave a comment at this post HERE.
3) Tag all your special friends.
4) Please remember to update your list regularly so that you would not miss out anyone in your Valentine's Lovers list.

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Valentine's Love
Instruction to install corner banner (For blogger):
1. Go to 'Layout', Click on 'Add a Gadget'.
2. Select 'HTML/ Javascript', insert the html code above in the provided box.
3. Click 'Save'.

Valentine's Lovers:

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Free Rice

14 comment(s) to... “Editorial Special: Love Tag”


EastCoastLife said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
I gave you linky love days ago. :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi metz, thanks for spreading the Valentine's Love. I've added you to the list at no.27. :) Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

and it's so nice that my avatar is up at yr EC with this love post!! yeeha!! :)

Mariuca said...

"Stars are like friends; there's always some around, you just need to find your favourite one."

Happy Valentine’s Day from Wishing on a Falling Star

Liza said...

hi Metz! thanks for the tag, i'm done with it. you can find it here.

Moms... Check Nyo

Maria said...

Happy Valentine's Day too. Thanks for the tag. I will try to post it later. :)

Bombchell said...

came to wish u a super happy vals day =) xoxo

hope u doing good

Mizé said...

Hi Metz.
Happy Valentine´s Day!
Tripled tagged :)
Thanks for remembering me!

George Serradinho said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too Metz.

Enjoy your weekend buddy!

crissy said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for sharing me this love tag.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Guys,

awww you all made me feel all wrm and fuzzy inside. Love you all :) xoxo

Mizé said...

Hi Metz.
Just posted the Valentine´s love.
Good Sunday!

Monica said...

Hi Metz! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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