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I have to admit, traveling is really something that I enjoy a lot. My favorite places to visit though are those that are way out of city limits and I am featuring something really special for today. Enigmata TreeHouse Ecolodge in Camiguin.

Here is what they have to say about their beautiful and relaxing getaway.


photo by jimmy a. domingo

Enigmata Treehouse Galeri, originally known as Tarzan's Nest Resort, is nestled among the greens and hills of the enchanting Camiguin Island in Mindanao, Philippines, home to a hundred waterfalls.

Built by musician Ben Aicha, Enigmata is now home to a group of vibrant Mindanao artists called the Enigmata Creative Circle, led by Talaandig musician and visual artist Waway Linsahay Saway.

The treehouse, now managed by Creative Activator Rosalie "Ross" Zerrudo, is "art in its purest art form." The captivating "golden" sculpture Enigman molded by prolific sculptor Kublai Millan leads the way to the treehouse resort.

Enigmata Vision

A community with deep cultural understanding, appreciation and concern for the environment that serves as a unifying character as one people towards a sustainable lifestyle

Enigmata Mission

To open the eyes of people through biodiversity and art education (through popular media for the conservation of art and culture in Mindanao ) as a venue to develop deeper sense of relationship with nature, responsibility and accountability of the world's resources


Camiguin as a sustainable community, its population having a high level of awareness about their natural environment, and capacitated in the sustainable utilization of the island's resources through environment protection and conservation


—Increase the level of awareness of educators and students about the environment to facilitate responsive conservation programs

—Build the capacity of the community and stakeholders in protecting and conserving the environment, and in the sustainable utilization of its resources as it relates to their livelihood according to the low impact Ecotourism practice

—Strengthen partnership between the academe, business establishments, government agencies and community

—Strengthen land and marine biodiversity conservation and protection with other stakeholders in the Ecotourism industry

—Promote Integrated Ecotourism Development through arts and culture focused on biodiversity conservation

—Strengthen volunteerism in schools and community for biodiversity research, documentation and conservation

—Establish local and international networks for solidarity and cooperation

youth earth campWe are Enigmata.

We are professional, we are passionate, the visionaries, the storytellers, writers, dancers, musicians, sculptors, risk takers, moon bathers, star gazers, and we are accountable, to you and humanity.

Our work standard is based on love. Our creative juices flow in waves of emotion. Energy in Motion.

Our services aren't limited to customary media. We will throw the most effective and imaginative concepts your way, if we think it will do the job for you; whether the work exhausts our very marrow, we will throw in our entire being if we believe in what you believe in. It is in this conviction that your needs cease to be treated as mere "accounts," but rather, earth-shaking movements about to cause a great rumpus.

We are creatives with a universal soul. Composed of a highly experienced team of hyper multi-tasked masters of all trades scattered all over the Philippines, it will be natural for you to think it difficult to deal with us because of the vastness of space that separates your offices from our traveling artists. Yet this is what allows us to offer you the freshest insight, the most inspired angles, and the craziest schemes, conveyed to you through the highways available technology has to offer. And you need not find us too "flighty"; we work fast, we're accountable, and we will DELIVER , beyond expectations. You can expect nothing less from grounded people rooted in their beliefs and can live in a tree house.

Our team is made up of vegetarians in the guise of former heads of Manila-based advertising agencies, world-class visual artists, event producers, musicians, digital film directors, development workers, environmentalists who can now be found in mountain tribes, island resorts, beaches, and a few cities. We have worked with consumer goods companies, banks, government, advocacy groups, schools, travel producers, and special interest groups. Our vast network of suppliers and contacts around the country allows us to efficiently produce almost any communication requirement known to man.

enigmata brochure


Open your eyes .

"We learn by experience, we teach by example."

"Enter the creative circles of the mind, open your eyes."

Enigmata started within a close circle of friends between Rosalie Zerrudo who prefers to be called Maria Ondonesa Maladaw (her tribal name suggested by a B'laan elder and Waway of Talaandig) , Rodelio "Waway" Saway from the Talandig tribe of Bukidnon, Kublai Ponce Millan, Dodo Karani from the Bagobo tribe of Baracatan, Davao, and Andrew Tatting Soliva. Mindanao has given us a reason for being grounded in the ARTs as the highest expression of our soul as a people rooted in our culture. Enigmata is a journey of pilgrims which started in the meeting of minds of kindred spirits in Davao and the heart of Bukidnon. We are coming from various ethnic tribes and different religious practices, but there is one path and one purpose. for we are meant not to live ordinary lives, we take the responsibility to open the eyes of people to see beauty, live fully with dignity, appreciate life and extend God's breathe through our creativity. The world is going through a great transformation and so we are. as we start within ourselves.


The strongest element that binds people is only found in friendship. As passionate as the blinding sun, each of the Enigmata persona explodes like the colors of the rainbow for they are totally different individuals weaving their dreams together into a masterpiece. "This lifetime has given us the gift of being born Filipino, for it made us very talented and versatile people. With a group karma , we feel guided by our great ancestors in their stories, chants and clothes, etc. We are merely extending as part of the evolution as a people. Cultural banking as Waway and Tatting puts it, is our way of documenting our traditional and cultural practices in music, print, sculptures, books, poetry, etc. This is one chapter of a million lifetimes."

Waway and Ros met in Manila in 1997 in 70's Bistro during a jam session. Waway was telling stories of their tribe, the Talaandig at the foot of Mt. Kitanglad which later haunted Ros to trace her roots back in Mindanao . The following months, her feet led her to Tulugan, Songco, Lantapan, Bukidnon, Waway's ancestral home, and eventually found her comfort zone in Davao where she met Kublai going through his own gargantuan transition. With a dramatic plunge in the economy in 1997 in the whole of Asia and the world, it was also a major breakthrough for most people on the personal level. Manila was a city dying out of pollution, unbearable traffic, cruel typhoons, and bitter visa officers, all these were omens to Ros for an exodus to return to the promised land and reinvented herself anew. 1998 was an explosive meeting of minds when Ros, Kublai and Waway started the tri-logy of great friendship. A visual art exhibit was mounted entitled "Experience the Tribe" in Puslan man Art Pub which marked the spiritual compact of this journey. A musical theater play "Awakening of Manta" bonded the friendship even stronger. The friendship grew faster as each having a particular group and ego, unmasked more kindred souls along the way. Davao in particular was a supportive circle of creative people and Mindanao in general served them well as their healing playground. Mindanao gave them back their creativity. Pursuing the work of Enigmata is saying thank you to Mindanao . Kublai has his immeasurable share of the process, having found his own element in sculpting the soul of the culture through his massive masterpieces surrounding his Art Hotel in Davao , Ponce Suites. A Mother and son's team, Ponce Suites has evolved with its form and function at its best. "Kublai's element has awakened their creative juices, Waway's heart beat purified their dreams, while Ros play the weaver of dreams among her great friends.

Enigmata Treehouse Outdoor Museum

Camiguin Island has opened another window to the growing friendship of Kublai and Ros. On a back packing trip one day in Camiguin with another friend Tiger, passing by the Treehouse Resort formerly called Tarzan's Nest is inevitable for art enthusiasts. The first meeting with the treehouse architect and designer, Ben Aicha was a dynamic exchange of wit and humor which later developed into a genuine spiritual friendship. After several years of engagement, Enigmata was born during one of the Talaandig Festivals in October in Waway's tribe which became a yearly reunion. It was until October 2002 when the name Enigmata was conceptualized by Waway and Tatting to formally baptize the vision of the friendship. Having his own spiritual journey, Ben Aicha left for Europe and eventually offered the Treehouse Resort in Camiguin as the receptacle of this consequence to house the enduring spirits of this growing friendship among Enigmata Creative Circle . Enigmata extended the personal vision of Ben that adheres to cultural and environmental preservation and upliftment of the human spirit.

It started as a very raw engagement that struggles through the birthing pains. In April 2004 Enigmata got registered with SEC as a non-profit organization with a Vision of a community with deep cultural understanding and appreciation that serves as a unifying character as one people rooted in a distinct culture and spirituality. It promotes art and culture in Mindanao as venue to develop values, skills and talents of local artists towards an empowered community. This motherhood statement according to Ros simply means "open your eyes."

The Enigmata artists has their own special organic qualities as an artists and as a person.

Aside from that the place of Camiguin has a lot to offer its visitors and here's a video to prove it.

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