Best exercise for Probing Skills: Pinoy Henio

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I have been asked a lot of times what is my best practice in teaching agents in call centers how to probe properly and effectively. I have one activity that I have been doing for a very long time that has been able to be both fun and conducive in achieving that particular goal - Pinoy Henio.

The video below is from a noon time tv show that demonstrates how it is done however they are speaking in tagalog. So to help clear things up a bit here are the general rules. A participant is selected as the person to ask the questions that only answerable by yes, no, or maybe. His/her task is to guess the word that has been placed on their forhead. I usually give a 2 minute timeframe for this activity. Added rules can be placed with the game for your variation. But that is the general overview of the game itself.

Here is the video:

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Workplace On the Web said...

I love this game in EB :)
Probing is a good skill.

Empty Streets said...

It definitely :)

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