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I have decided to make a compilation of the Online SEO Tools that I used to help propel Empty Streets 1027 to how it is now with all of you. Each of these websites have their respective pros and cons of course and I strongly encourage that you experiment. Nothing really beats a good old fashioned trial and error approach for I believe that it is only through mistakes that we ever truly learn and get better. :) So with that being said here is the list to use and experiment with. My last piece of advice for those venturing into the field of SEO Marketing - Have fun with this and eventually things will work out and that the only true failure is when you give up.

SEO Tools

  • SEO Browser: See your website as the search engines see it.
  • Lynx Viewer: Snapshot of what the search engine sees when it spiders your pages.
  • Spider Simulator: Simulate how a search engine spider moves through your site.
  • Spider Viewer: See what search engines see when they crawl your site.
  • MonitorThis: This tool allows you to subscribe to 20 different serach engine feeds at the same time.
  • Site Explorer: See which pages are indexed and who linkes to them.
  • MindSet: Tweak your search results to be more or less commercial... in real time.
  • Detecting Online Commercial Intention: How commercial is your query or web page. Find out here.
  • SiteMaps: Submit your pages to Google, free. Also provides reports on kewords which delivered traffic and other stats.

Webmaster Tools

  • W3C HTML Validator: Validate your HTML to professional and search engine preferred standards.
  • W3C CSS Validator: Validate your CSS to professional and search engine preferred standards.
  • robots.txt generator: Generate a usable robots.txt file for your site.
  • Color Blender: Online tool for color palette design and matching, thousands of color blends created by the user.
  • Colorblind Web Page Filter: This tools helps select colors that will be easiest for people who are colorblind to see.

Analytics and Statistic Tools

Copywriting Tools

  • Copyscape: Allows you to see if your web content is being utilized anywhere else on the internet. Great tool to see if your copywritten material has been stolen.
  • Juicy Studio Readability Test: Checks the readability of the content on your site.
  • Textalyser: Gives detailed statistics of your text.
  • Text Content Analysis Tool: gives you statistics about a text including unique words; lexical density; and the Gunning Fog readability index

Keyword Research Tools

Link Tools

Marketing Research Tools

SEO/M Tools

  • Customer Focus Calculator: Analyzes text on your pages to determine if your text is customer focused.
  • WordTracker: Research actively searched-for phrases within your industry.
  • WordTracker vs. Overture: View keyword search volume comparisons between WordTracker and Overture.
  • Niche BOT: Keyword research tool that helps you find the terms that produce the highest amount of traffic. Lets you drill down to dig deep and find niche phrases as well.
  • Metrics Market: How much traffic are you getting compared to your competitors?

Yahoo Tools

  • Keyword Selector: Allows you to retrieve Overture search volume for up to 50 keywords at one time.

MSN Tools

Google Tools

  • AdWords Keyword Tool: Generate potential keywords for your SEO/M campaign,provided.
  • AdWords Traffic Estimator: Estimates Google search and click-thru traffic for any keyword.
  • Ontology Finder: Type in a word and find other words treated as similar words by Google.
  • Suggest: Start typing a search and let Google complete the phrase for you.
  • Sets: Provides a list of semantically related words to the words you enter.
  • Trends: Lets you see and compare search trends for seasonal (or any, really) search phrase.

Search Tools

Google Tools

Enjoy :)
Free Rice

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EastCoastLife said...

Ooo... thanks for the links and info.

Hey, how are you? You seemed to be very hardworking. :)

Empty Streets said...


Yup been overly busy by the time 2009 hit. Am just glad that somehow am able to breathe a little bit this week as Easter starts to come in :) Hope you have a great weekend ahead and Easter too :) xoxo

iWalk said...

Cool! Metz! It's so great! Thanks so much for your hard work!

I am sorry for long time missing. Yeah, I am a little busy these days.

But never forget a warm hug!

George Serradinho said...

Hi and thanks for the links. I do apologize for not visiting as much as before but life has become hectic and the day is not long enough.

I hope google was nice to you and increased your PR. Keep up the good work.

Empty Streets said...

Hi iWalk,

awww no need to say sorry deary :) I know what it feels like to be very busy with stuff. :) A warm hug is always the best way to make up for lost time hehehe :) xoxo.

Empty Streets said...

Hi George,

awww it is now biggie :) I know what it is like to try and keep things together both in the real world and the virtual world :) Just seeing you here once in awhile is enough to make my day :) Warm hugs from the Philippines ;)

TrackingGuru said...

All the tools mentioned above are really very good and useful.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Tracking Guru,

aww thanks so much for the compliment. I made it so that people can have a place to come and go for easy seo reference :) you should also check out my alexa ranking article that too has been quite a struggle for a lot of new bloggers and webdevelopers :)

lindalulu said...

Thanks for all the great info and I thought I would leave my latest link:

Empty Streets said...

Hi Lindalulu,

You are more than welcome. Hope that you find time to visit them and see how much they can contribute to helping your stats soar :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this article I also like website with flash designing specially the intro part of the website is so attractive Add, add your website in www.directory.itsolusenz.com/

Empty Streets said...

Hi William,

wow thanks so much for the compliment will definitely check it out as soon as I can :) xoxo. Hope you also enjoyed the rest of empty streets 1027 :)

Nhil said...

Hey, you got a nice list here :) Will definitely help everyone who wants to improve their site's rankings :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Nhil,

Yayy am so glad that you found this link list useful :) I have a lot of people asking me about what I do so that compelled me to create something as comprehensive as this :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this nice article, it's so useful for me.


SEO Company India said...

Really thanks for sharing this tools. :)

justin albert said...

This is really great information found here, I really like your blog. Thanks very much for the share. Keep posting."

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