Empty Streets Special: Laptop Stolen

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Hi to all of my loyal readers, I have to apologize that I may not be able to post as regularly this week as my best friend ACE my laptop was stolen from me. This morning someone broke into my home and robbed me. Am happy though that none of us were hurt. But until I get back my laptop or buy a new one I wont be able to make any posts. Please feel free to browse the archives as there are hundreds of articles and maybe a couple might be of interest to you. Please also pray for me as I am going to work to get a lot of the things that were stolen from me back or replaced. I am still a bit rattled from this incident and I also pray that those people that invaded my home get captured. Thank you all for your support, dont worry though, I may just only be crippled for a week and will resume regular posting after. t
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Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

oh my!! im so sry too hear abt that metz~! am also relief to know that noone was injured during the commotion. How are you now? Still shaken by the incident? *HUGZ* metz!

iWalk said...

I feel so sorry to hear the bad news, Metz. Though I know none of you were hurt, But I know you not only lost a laptop, But many many hard works.

I hope you can find it back.

And take care of yourself,For all people who care for you!

Monica said...

omg Metz... thank god you guys were not hurt.. this seriously sucks though, I am so sorry Metz!! Take care..

Modern Mom said...

Oh that's too bad, sorry to hear about it. Hope you're alright.

Maria said...

OMG! Are you alright? I'm sorry to read about your laptop. Don't worry we'll just be here. :) TC

Mariuca said...

Oh no Metz!!! Big hugs for u, glad everyone is okay though but ur laptop! :(

manoy said...

i'm glad that nobody was hurt. you can easily replace the laptop.

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi Metz! you've just been awarded because your blog is simply Over The Top! Yay!! Come pick up your award at my place, k!

Empty Streets said...

Hi Guys,

I finally am back from that nightmarish experience and I have never felt so warm and loved by all of you. It means a lot to me to find you guys here with me during these rough times. I owe you guys a whole lot. You all are truly priceless. xoxo

Mizé said...

Oh Metz!
So sorry to hear about this bad news!
I´ve been so busy with my new job that I skipped my EC drops for a week and only after reading your comment I knew about what happened to you.
Glad to know that everything is all right with you. That´s the most important of all.
Be pancient, I´m sure God will find a way so you can have a new laptop.
You´re in my thoughts and prayers too. Many hugs xx

Crissy said...

Sorry to hear that my friend.. It is really hard to lose something of importance to us.. But thanks God your safe.. That's the most important one.. I will pray for your safety and that God will shower you more works to buy another ACE.. ♥♥♥

bloggista said...

Hey Metz, I must be away for some time I just saw this today. I'm glad nobody was hurt.

I hope you're doing okay now. Damn! those bast**ds.

Empty Streets said...

Hi B, Crissy, and Mize,

thanks so much for your support and prayers. Am glad too that no one got hurt and that all the things that were taken can be replaced. I am sure that in time those people will come to realize their err. I just hope that no one else will suffer the same thing I did under them. xoxo

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