Travel Thursday on Empty Streets: Bahaghari Festival - Mindoro

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This coming April 24 - 25 something special and different will be celebrated in a town that is known for it's people and it's festivals. The Town of Pinamalayan, Mindoro will be celebrating the Bahaghari Festival and it is definitely an event that one shouldn't miss.

According to an old story, the early settlers of this town came from Marinduque. While on this way to Mindoro on their bancas, they encountered turbulent weather and lost their direction. They prayed to God Almighty for deliverance and guidance, whereupon the weather cleared and a rainbow appeared on the horizon. The crew shouted “ipinamalay” meaning- it was made known. They followed the direction of the rainbow and landed at what is now Brgy. Lumangbayan and established the first settlement which they named Pinamalayan. The rainbow became the historical landmark of the town. The yearly Bahaghari Festival is a colorful commemoration of the importance of the rainbow in the history of the town of Pinamalayan. The celebration includes a street dancing competition, cultural presentations, religious & cultural activities, and products & trade fair. Said activities showcase the values of the people, appreciation of their cultural heritage, the strength to face up to life’s challenges and unity and harmony as in the colors of the rainbow. Like the rainbow which rises to give color in the sky after torrent of rain, the Bahaghari Festival is a reflection of the continuing effort of the people of Pinamalayan that there is truly paradise at the end of the rainbow.

If you want to know more about this festival and this rather cozy little town check out their main site here - Welcome to Pinamalayan

See you there are the festival ;) xoxo

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Hey Metz, dropping off some weekend love and hugs for u, have a good one! :)

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Hi Sagar,

first off welcome to empty streets :) it makes me so happy to see that you find the things here very useful. :) do try and drop me a note once in awhile. every comment from you would definitely make my day bright ;)

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aww thanks so much. Missing you much since the busy season started. But come this vacation week am hoping to catch up on a lot of things with you guys. xoxo.

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