Travel Thursdays on Empty Streets: Matabungkay Beach

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Am back from what felt like an eon of waiting and longing from Empty Streets 1027. After getting robbed of my old precious Laptop Friend ACE, I am now back in action with a cool new Laptop Friend Hannah (HP Mini 2140). It was a tough week for me and am glad that things are starting to look up for me. After the terrible incident I was fortunate enough to get invited to visit a fantastic place that is only but a couple of hours away from the summer city of Tagaytay - Matabungkay Beach. I got to do so many fun things there, from swimming the cold waters, eating our lunch in a raft like rest house and finally topping it off with an amazing jet ski experience. The place is definitely a pleasant get away from the chaos of the city life. It worked so well for me that I completely forgot my dreadful incident from the day before.

“Once discovered, never forgotten…” Experience the best of Batangas at Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel. It offers you the total resort experience. Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel has everything you'll ever need for a perfect summer getaway -- from rigorous sports activities to relaxing day spas. Of course, the resort experience will not be complete without your full range of swimming options.
Here is a cool video presentation of what to expect when you get there - Have fun :)

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bloggista said...

Hey Metz! Miss you my friend! Hehe. I also took several days away for vacation and blogging as well. And the last stop was puerto galera and the sorrounding islands hopping over the weekend till monday.

Hope you're having fun as well.

Empty Streets said...

Hi B,

I miss yah too been very busy with a lot of things plus I had a very bad incident last saturday of which am trying to recover from. But right now things are definitely looking up for me. Hope it is the same for you too. xoxo

Snow said...

Matabungkay Beach is a very nice place. We've been in that area 3 weeks ago!

Hello Metz, hope that you are doing great. ^_^

abhe said...

Nice place.
I love it.
Im looking forward to go there..

Empty Streets said...

Hi Snow,

this is definitely a fabulous beach to be in with friends hehehe :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Abhe,

It definitely is a nice place :) be prepared to bring a snorkel and some flippers and a couple hundred bucks for food and jetskis hehehe :)

karen said...

nice place!

Empty Streets said...

Hi Karen,

yup i paid a visit to your site and it rocks :) thanks for visiting. Keep cool always

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