Wellness Wednesday on Empty Streets: Why Organic

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I have been featuring organic food alternatives in the past Wellness Wednesday articles and because of it I got a rather interesting email asking why would it be better to go organic. I had to ponder on that question for a little bit before I finally got my answers all put together into three simple reasons.

Why would organic be better?
1. Overall Health of the Environment

Organic farming helps maintain the overall health of the environment by reducing the level of pollution in the air, water and soil. Free from synthetic fertilizers, organic farming helps eliminate harmful chemicals being introduced and released into the atmosphere. (Preserving our precious water sources!) In contrast to modern farming techniques which use synthetic or chemical fertilizers, organic farming distributes biofertilizers such as crop, animal, farm and aquatic waste into the soil in order to encourage growth and high produce yields.

2. Soil Preservation

Organic methods help maintain, strengthen, and preserve the soil. Alternative fertilizing methods, such as using compost and green manure, help create a highly productive soil, full of the necessary nutrients and microorganisms which are vital to the plant's growth. Because organic farming is free of synthetic chemicals, the soil will not be depleted of vital nutrients. In a way, you could say that organic farming ensures the maximum utilization of the resource in that it is still here for years to come. The point is to reduce physical and chemical damage to the soil so that it does not become infertile, dry, loose, or invaded by pests.

3. Live Healthier

Organic farming's all-natural approach increases the nutritional value and overall health of the produce farmed in healthy soil. The more nutrients in the soil, the better it is for both the plants and for us as consumers. A surplus of nutrients allows plants to grow to their full potential. And consequently, we are able to eat, digest and reap the benefits of all the nutrients offered from these plants. Eating healthier will help you live healthier, not only now but in the future years to come. (On a side note, organic foods are also said to be tastier compared to those grown in a greenhouse or on a high-production agricultural farm that uses chemical fertilizers.)

The growing number of supporters for going organic is increasing and the awareness of how it benefits us all is spreading. Here's a video to help teach you more about why more and more are turning Green ;)

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