Empty Streets Special: Imperfections that make a Relationship Perfect

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My habi has sent me something to watch and it was a very touching short clip that talks about what a wife remembers most about her husband. I have to tell that this is a very very touching short clip but it will definitely touch your heart hard and fast so please before you even hit the play button grab a box of tissues and keep it handy, am sure that you will need it by the end of the short clip.

Learn to value the imperfections cause when you don't they might no longer be around to be appreciated.

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After watching this film please pay a visit to this website: Think Family and take a poll from the main distributor of this film about love, partnership, and family. Till the next time. xoxo

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iWalk said...

You share such a impressive story,Metz. It also teach me take good care of all people who love me and whom I love. Thanks Metz!

Mizé said...

Hi Metz.
Touching video indeed.
My ex had similar problems but you know what, right now I don´t miss them at all. I had trouble sleeping because he snored and now I sleep like a baby.
I think I never learned to love his imperfections (and vice versa) because he said such horrible things to me. His words hurted me and the love I ever felt faded away...
A good week ahead! xxx

Empty Streets said...

Hi iWalk,

yayy am glad that you liked the story :) Hope that a lot of people get to listen to this too :) Keep cool always. xoxo

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

Yup I do agree with you that there are times when love isn't enough :) But I do hope you find someone that will make you feel special all over again soon :) People deserve to be with someone that cares about them dearly and to grow old with :) my friend said it the best - love is has never been the problem, it was the lover that you gave it to that is the problem :) keep cool always :) xoxo

Monica said...

gimme some tissues Metz :'( :'(

Empty Streets said...

Hi Monica,

aww passing on tissue paper to yah hun. :) didnt mean to make yah cry, just to touch you and everyone's heart. :) xoxo

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