Travel Thursday on Empty Streets: Madrid, Spain

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A romantic place to visit this Summer Month would be Madrid, Spain. Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain. It is the third-most populous municipality in the European Union after Greater London and Berlin, and its metropolitan area is the fourth-most populous urban area in the European Union after Paris, London, and the Ruhr Area.

The city is located on the river Manzanares in the centre of both the country and the Community of Madrid (which comprises the city of Madrid, its conurbation and extended suburbs and villages); this community is bordered by the autonomous communities of Castile and León and Castile-La Mancha. As the capital city of Spain, seat of government, and residence of the Spanish monarch, Madrid is also the political center of Spain. The current mayor is Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón from the center-right People's Party. He has been in office since 2003, when he left the Presidency of the Autonomous Community of Madrid and stood as the candidate to replace outgoing mayor José María Álvarez del Manzano, also from the PP. In the last local elections of 2007, Ruiz-Gallardón increased the PP majority in the City Council to 34 seats out of 57, taking 55.5% of the popular vote and winning in all but two districts.
Due to its economic output, standard of living, and market size, Madrid is considered the major financial center of the Iberian Peninsula; it hosts the head offices of the vast majority of the major Spanish companies, as well as the headquarters of three of the world's 100 largest companies (Telefónica, Repsol-YPF, Banco Santander).
While Madrid possesses a modern infrastructure, it has preserved the look and feel of many of its historic neighborhoods and streets. Its landmarks include the huge Royal Palace of Madrid; the Teatro Real (Royal theatre) with its restored 1850 Opera House; the Buen Retiro park, founded in 1631; the imposing 19th-century National Library building (founded in 1712) containing some of Spain's historical archives; an archaeological museum of international reputation; and three superb art museums: Prado Museum, which hosts one of the finest art collections in the world, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, a museum of modern art, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, housed in the renovated Villahermosa Palace.
Puerta De Alcala
The population of the city is roughly 3.2 million (as of December 2005), while the estimated urban area population is 5.1 million. The entire population of the Madrid metropolitan area (urban area and suburbs) is calculated to be 5.84 million. The city spans a total of 698 km² (234 sq mi).

Here is a video tour of what to expect when you get to Madrid, Spain:

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Mizé said...

Hi Metz!
Spain, he,he :)
My neighbor country, so close :)
Passing by to wish you a good weekend ahead.
Been busy with my new job and my mom´s stuff.

Mariuca said...

Hi Metz! Dropped EC and clicked adgi, am running late today huhuh! Hugs!

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

Aww it is definitely close to Portugal. hehehe I will feature your Country Next ;) Hope things are well and as always my prayers are with you my friend :) Keep Cool always :) xoxo

Empty Streets said...

Hi Marzie,

aww as long as you drop by that is what is important heheeh :) Keep cool always my friend :) Hope you had a great weekend :) xoxo

A Mom's Choice said...

Hi there,
Looks like a beautiful country, would love to see in another life :0 LOL

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mom's Choice,

yup it really is :) awww am sure that you will find a way to come and visit :) Have a great week ahead :)

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