Wellness Wednesday on Empty Streets: Herbal Remedies for Tonsillities

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It was just two days ago that my poor body had to battle this dreaded thing called Tonsillitis. Everyone who has tonsils know exactly what that is and more importantly how nasty it can get. I had to fight off a 2 day fever that I am still feeling drained from but thankfully, recovering from. Now I have to admit that under normal circumstances I would not take any medication that isnt organic, but when my fever was hitting the 40+ my family kinda got panicky and I guess i got a bit delirious to object. But when you do feel that something like this is brewing inside your throat and you want to make sure that them crazy bacterial nets don't get too overworked and hyper it would be best to take natural homeopathic things that would help it do just that. Of course it is always best to consult your local clinician and doctor for further advice and support.

Here are the home remedies to help the croakers:
Stay Hydrated - Increase your liquid intake and make sure your house is humidified properly.

Lemon Juice, Honey and Hot Water - A glass of hot water mixed with 1 teaspoon lemon juice and some honey is very good for curing tonsillitis fast.

Milk - Milk is a good curative for tonsillitis. Take a glass of boiled milk and mix in it a pinch of turmeric powder and pepper powder. This milk should be drunk by the suffering patient every night.

Chives and Scallions - Chives and scallions act as another good herbal remedy for the treatment of soar throat. Take chives and scallions and simmer them in water for 5-6 minutes. Drink it as a tea.

Garlic - Eat a lot of garlic containing food as it acts as an antiseptic and helps to cure tonsillitis fast.

Figs and Beets - Figs and beets are also very beneficial for a person suffering from tonsillitis.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol - Avoid cigarette smoking or drinking alcohol and other irritants, while you are suffering from tonsillitis.

Rest - Give plenty of rest to your throat and try not to talk. (I actually liked this one the most and I have to say was the most effective :)

Here is more about tonsillitis:

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Mizé said...

Hello Metz.
Came to read your latest posts and just found you´ve been sick. Poor friend!
40º fever is really bad.
Glad to know that you´re feeling better now.
Remember to keep hydrated. You´ll win the fight with this bacteria for sure.
Wish you´re back in shape really soon, Hugs,

Mizé said...

Ah, almost forgot.
I´ve posted the "Save the world tag" in My Countryhome blog. It´s a related topic there. I also posted the personality test in NetSource. It´s strange but my results were equal to Mariuca´s :)
See you soon xx

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

thanks so much dear :) yayyy am so happy that you were able to take the personality test hehehe :) awww see that is the reason why we are all friends :) birds of the same feather flock together. :) stay healthy always xoxo

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