Technology Tuesday on Empty Streets: Windows 7 - What to expect

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Windows 7 is soon to invade our market and is rumored to be scheduled for release in Oct 2009. To help people out here are some of the things that one can expect from this new version of Microsoft Windows.

So what does this new Windows 7 include and why is it called Windows 7?
  • Windows 3.0, 3.1 and 3.11 were the first public versions of Windows, and they used version numbers as part of their official names.
  • The following version, Windows 95, was then officially Windows 4.0. Windows 98 and Me were just minor updates of that fourth version (4.10 and 4.90 respectively).
  • The next step is Windows 2000 - that is, Windows 5 – followed by Windows XP which was again a minor update (5.1).
  • Then there it comes Windows Vista, which obviously corresponds to the sixth version of Windows.
  • And finally Windows 7, which was used as a codename for this version but which has finally become the official name for the next Windows version.

As for new features in Windows 7, it’s going to look very similar to Vista. In general, the new Windows 7 File Manager is going to be an evolution of Windows Vista’s shell and will allegedly include a new menu system based on the Office 2008 “ribbon” toolbar.

Gadgets in Windows 7 will also be embedded in the File Explorer. There will be improved and updated versions of Paint and WordPad, an enhanced Start menu and toolbar and also a more complete Control Panel with many new items.

You should always take into account that these are all just rumors that will – or will not - be confirmed as Microsoft works on the new OS. In fact, according to the schedule published on its website, the next PDC 2008 (which will take place at the end of October) will host a special event where Microsoft intends to reveal a more detailed information about the new features in Windows 7.

Here is a video presentation of what you can expect from Windows 7 with regards to features:

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Vlad said...

This is interesting info. I hope that thru this product, Microsoft can improve its market profitability.

Looking forward to see the new features of Windows 7

Anne said...

I am so glad they are getting rid of Vista. It actually drove me to Mac.

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

I've never had problems with my Vista. I just recently bought my laptop and now with Windows 7, I will already have an old OS. It's crazy how fast technology advances.

Dragonblogger said...

I myself had no real big issues with Vista other than its memory/cpu requirements forcing me to get 3gb of RAM.

I am looking forward to gaming features and improvements with Windows 7

gLoR!e said...

I still have my old version of XP4 with low tech memory of 512MB imagine that? well, i don't play any games it's all plainly blogging or surfing..however i am planning to buy one and i might consider this information you shared it. Now i know...thanks!:)

Thanks by the way and hope you'll add my blogs..:)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Vlad,

Yup the features do look very promising I myself cant wait to see for myself how this would work with my netbooks :) Thanks for dropping a note - it made my day :) xoxo

Empty Streets said...

Hi Anne,

I couldnt agree with you more, personally went back to xp after my experience with Vista premium. I was also tempted to move to mac myself heheh :) xoxo

Empty Streets said...

Hi Maria,

It really is amazing to see how quickly technology has advanced over the years and for some crazy reason it is advancing exponentially. :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Justin of Dragon Blogger :) Yup vista is quite the resource monster - hopefully windows 7 once commercially released will keep it's promise to be more resource efficient :)

Empty Streets said...

Hi Glorie,

of course, it would be a pleasure to add you up :) and am so happy to hear that this will help you with your decision once you have made your choice to purchase a new lappy :)

Ronnie | Practical Tips said...

Thanks for the info Metz.

I have some misgivings though with this. Vista did not deliver as expected as compared to XP, now a 7? hmmm..

Empty Streets said...

Hi Ronnie,

I wouldnt be surprised with that as many were terribly disappointed with vista's performance thus the reason why microsoft has hastened to improve this seemingly promising software. we only have to wait and see for ourselves come their final release :)

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